New HIP Requirement For Home Sellers

(Directgov) – CHANGES HAVE BEEN INTRODUCED to improve the content of HIPs, and make sure they are available sooner.

From today, most sellers will need to compile a Home Information Pack (HIP) — before they can place their property on the market. The exceptions are as follows:-

  • Properties where there is no marketing, for example if you are selling to a member of your family.
  • Non-residential properties.
  • Properties limited by law to use as holiday accommodation or occupation for less than 11 months per year.
  • Mixed sales, for example a shop with flat.
  • Sales of portfolios of properties, for example selling two properties together.
  • Properties not being sold with completely vacant possession, for example with a sitting tenant.
  • Unsafe properties and properties due to be demolished.
  • Properties sold through the ‘Right to Buy’, ‘Right to Acquire’ and ‘Social HomeBuy’ home ownership schemes.

If your property does not fall within one of the above categories, your HIP will need to contain:-

  • Home Information Pack Index.
  • Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ).
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA).
  • Sustainability information (required for newly built homes).
  • Sale statement.
  • Evidence of title.

If the following documents are unavailable when marketing begins, they should be added to the HIP as soon as they are available. These documents must be included within 28 days of the date the property was first placed on the market:

  • Standard searches (local authority and drainage and water).
  • A copy of the lease for leasehold properties.
  • Common-hold documents, where appropriate.

An example HIP, in PDF format, can be downloaded from the government’s Communities Website.

There is no shortage of HIP providers setting-up shop and jumping on the bandwagon. Google reports 402,000 entries — with prices in the range of £125 to £200. That is, roughly, about one HIP provider for every sixty-three estate agents. (Google reports 25,100,000 entries for them!).

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