Furtherwick Park To Host Final Report From Project Gaia

CANVEY ISLAND’S FURTHERWICK PARK SCHOOL WILL HOST THE FINAL REPORT FROM PROJECT GAIA, a European Environmental Impact Study regarding the sustainable development of schools. The project has been conducted by Furtherwick Park students in partnership with three other EU colleges.

The presentation will take place at the school at 9.00 am on Wednesday, 20th May, and will last approximately two hours. Places are limited; but anyone wishing to attend will be made welcome.

John Amos ComeniusThe project has been funded by the European Commission as part of its Lifelong Learning Programme, named Comenius after the Teacher of Nations: John Amos Comenius.

Furtherwick Park School students delivered a presentation on waste management at the Comenius Gaia Conference, in Berlin, this time last year.

Furtherwick’s partners in the enterprise have been the Carl Zeiss Obershule, in Berlin; the Sintermeerten College, in Heerlen, Holland; and the Liceo Augusto, in Rome.

Fifteen students and four teachers from partner schools will visit Canvey for three days from Sunday 17th May, led by the project’s leader: Christian Duntsch. They will collaborate with Furtherwick Park students on the Monday to finalize the report, and then take a welcome break on the Tuesday to visit Westminster and the Houses of Parliament.

A flavour of the report can best be given by a quote from the project’s Italian blog:-

‘It seems to me that we need to deal with the arguments of which we often do not know enough; a greater and real knowledge of the total truth from the economic and political point-of-view. It is this creed that is fundamental to being able to widen the discussion, and it is now time to not only confront the surveys, but to give greater space to the debates.’ — Irene Moroni.

… (18/05/2009) – Students Under Pressure To Finalize Report

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