European And Local County Council Election Campaigns Begin

EditorialIN THE RUN-UP TO THE EUROPEAN AND LOCAL COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS, which will take place on 4th June, we all need to make our minds up as to which way we are going to vote. But, just as importantly, we all need to ensure that we cast our vote wisely, because the mood resulting from the MPs’ expenses revelations is to boycott the polls in justifiable protest and anger.

A boycott would be a mistake — as would be a protest vote cast for a candidate who does not support the needs of the Canvey community. Do not make the mistake of losing sight of the local issues in this campaign: because we may all live to regret it…

The Daily Telegraph has moved into tabloid mode in the pursuit of its story. The fact is: it is not a case of investigative journalists presenting a balanced report to the public they serve — it is all about circulation figures in the midst of a recession and milking a single angle that is designed to sell as many copies as possible.

If you follow the link, you will find thousands of words devoted to miscreant MPs and their expense claims; but you will not find a single article devoted to that vast majority of MPs whom have felt morally obligated not to participate in their colleagues’ gravy train and purposely refrained from claiming the expenses to which they were entitled.

Do not be misled by the story. The fact is that that there are far more MPs in the House of Commons than the 108 named by the Telegraph (which is, statistically, some 16%). The danger is that the paper, by choosing to release its information on a piece by piece basis (as though the story was constantly evolving) hypnotizes us all into believing that every MP has been named — whereas the truth is the exact opposite; whereas the truth is the Telegraph has sat upon this information for some considerable time; and whereas the truth is that it has chosen NOT to publish the single, properly balanced, ‘Special Edition’ that is to be expected from a National Title brandishing the Telegraph’s masthead.

This is not Watergate — it is a cynically manufactured ‘trickle-gate’ with the sole object of maximizing profit. Objectivity, along with responsibility, has been cast to the wind (and I never thought I would be saying that about the Daily Telegraph). The danger is that the newspaper’s sensational approach to its material will further undermine the public’s already low opinion of Parliament, and that democracy will be fatally wounded as a result.

Let us not let that happen. Our children already have enough to face with replenishing the government’s coffers after all its quantitive easing, along with an inadequately funded state pension system to support. Do not let us leave them with an ineffective political system as well.

Use your vote on 4th June, and cast it on local issues. Vote for the person and their policies — not the party.

Do not align yourself with the armchair anarchists; but, instead, make democracy work.

The real story here is the 84% of incorruptible British MPs…

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