Essex County Council Elections 2009

CANVEY VOTERS ARE REMINDED that the last day of registration for voting, whether by post or in person, is Tuesday, 19th May. Those wishing to register to vote should contact Essex County Council on: 0845 603 7632.

Polling will take place on Thursday, June 4th, from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Two Canvey Island seats will be contested in this election: Canvey Island East, and Canvey Island West.

These are those seats and their candidates:-

Canvey Island East

Photo not availableLaurence MORGAN
British National Party
59 Sydervelt Road,
Canvey Island,
Essex SS8 9AJ

Laurence Morgan was proposed for this seat by his brother, John Laurence Morgan, another BNP candidate contesting the Canvey West seat.

Photo not availableNicola Anne NUNN
Liberal Democrat Party
114 Swiss Avenue,
Essex CM1 2AF

No further details about Nicola Nunn are currently known.

John PayneJohn PAYNE
Labour Party
12 Komberg Crescent,
Canvey Island,
Essex SS8 8ED

John Payne, 76, came last with 95 votes when he contested the Canvey Island West seat in the Borough Council elections in May 2007.

He also came last with 151 votes when he fought the January 09 Town Council by-election for Canvey Island’s East Ward.

Brian WoodBrian Sidney WOOD
75 Cedar Road,
Canvey Island, Essex SS8 9HS

Brian Wood won the Canvey Island South Borough Council election in 2004 and 2008. He is an independent Independent and, although proposed by one (Martin Tucker) he has not joined the Canvey Island Independent Party (CIIP).

In 2008, he won the Borough Council Canvey Island South seat with a majority of 218 over the Conservative Party candidate, Mark John Howard.

Mark HowardMark John HOWARD
Conservative Party
29A Meynell Avenue,
Canvey Island,
Essex SS8 7DA

Mark Howard is seeking re-election and has campaigned for the Canvey greenbelt.

He was last elected in 2005 with a 299 majority over the Labour candidate.

The total number of votes cast was 8,714, and the turnout was 55.97%. Mark Howard received 45.26% of the vote.

Mark Howard lost his seat on Castle Point Borough Council to the Independents in 2007. He is not related to Ray ‘Mr Canvey‘ Howard, whom is the Conservative Party candidate seeking re-election to the Canvey West seat.

Canvey Island West

Ashley FinalAshley James FINAL
Liberal Democrat Party
39 Town Croft,

Ashley Final is a councillor for Chelmsford Borough Council’s Patching Ward and serves on both their Audit & Governance and Licensing & Regulatory committees.

Mr Final told this blog: ‘I am standing as a Liberal Democrat to give people a chance for a greener and fairer Essex. All of Essex County Council decisions reflect on all of the residents. (Be it Council Tax, waste disposal, education — and these are a just a few important issues).

‘I have worked on Canvey Island and know the area. If elected I will hold weekly meetings with constituents. As a Chelmsford Borough Councillor, I can state that I have never claimed a penny in expenses — even when I could.

‘All I can ask, of the residents in Canvey Island West, is that they use their vote responsibly.’ 

Peter MayPeter MAY
Canvey Island Independent Party
23 Komberg Crescent,
Canvey Island,
Essex SS8 8ED

Peter May is the Castle Point Borough councillor representing the Canvey Island Central Ward. He is reported as being concerned about the effectiveness of Canvey’s £12m link road scheme.

John Laurence MorganJohn MORGAN
British National Party
26 Gwendalen Avenue,
Canvey Island,
Essex SS8 8JF

John Laurence Morgan stood for the BNP in the St Mary’s Ward by-election on 20th December 2007. In the Borough Council elections, in May last year, he polled 18.5% of the vote when he stood for the Canvey North Ward. Then, on 22nd January 2009, he polled 229 votes (20.2%) in a by-election for the Canvey East’s Town Council seat.

This is the man that upset the Gulls by posing for a leaflet photograph that showed him standing by the St George’s flag, painted on the gates of the club’s Park Road ground. His brother, Laurence C Morgan, who is the BNP candidate contesting Canvey East, proposed him for this seat.

Jackie ReillyJackie REILLY
Labour Party
9 Ameland Road,
Canvey Island,
Essex SS8 9PS

Jackie Reilly came third in the Borough Council Elections of 2004 when she stood for the Canvey Island East Ward. She came last, with a vote of 401, in the March 2008 Parish Council Election for Canvey Island East.

She is Secretary of the Castle Point Constituency Labour Party and Branch Secretary for its Canvey Island Wards.

Ray HowardRay HOWARD
Conservative Party
Raydele House,
Canvey Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 0QD

Ray ‘Mr Canvey’ Howard is seeking re-election. Mr Howard is also a Castle Point Borough Councillor, and a Canvey Town Councillor too. Bob Spink, Castle Point’s then Conservative MP (who is not named in the Telegraph’s allegations) paid tribute to him in the House, in 2004, as ‘a major player in the Essex flood defence committee‘ following his 35 year service. Mr Howard supports the idea of a barrier between Shoebury and Sheerness as the only viable way of preventing future flooding in the Thames.

He was re-elected in 2005 with a majority of 945 over his Labour rival.

The total number of votes cast was 7,334, and the turnout was 52.21%. Ray Howard received 50.82% of the vote.

Ray has held the County Council seat since 1981.

Ray Howard’s son, David, made news last year when he was given 150 hours community service and a six-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, after being found guilty of running brothels with his mother and uncle.

Ray Howard is not related to Mark Howard, whom is the Conservative Party candidate seeking re-election in the Canvey East seat.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available…

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