The European Elections 2009

IN ADDITION TO ELECTING TWO CANDIDATES TO ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL, islanders will have the opportunity to help send seven other candidates, standing in the European Elections, to Brussels on June 4th. But, unlike the County Council elections, voters will not have the opportunity to select a specific candidate: they must instead cast a single vote for one party amongst the fourteen, or the lone independent, whom are standing.

In the European elections, the higher a party’s vote share, the more of its candidates become elected, with the precise allocation of seats in each of the UK’s twelve regions determined by a complex formula known as the D’Hondt method.

Canvey Island is part of the UK’s Eastern Region, which will elect seven candidates to the European Parliament. Of the seven MEPs who currently serve us in Brussels, three will be standing down this year, and four are seeking re-election by having their names placed at the top of their party’s candidate list.

Those four candidates are featured below, and you can click on their individual photos to examine their CVs and EU Parliamentary records.

The Conservatives

Geoffrey Van OrdenMr Geoffrey Van Orden.

Conservative Office
88 Rectory Lane
Essex CM1 1RF

There have been 288 parliamentary meetings since his election in July 2004, and Mr Van Orden has attended 89% of them.

Robert SturdyMr Robert Sturdy

153 St Neots Road
Cambridge CB23 7QJ

Mr Sturdy has attended 84% of the 288 parliamentary meetings since his election in 2004.

Liberal Democrat

Andrew DuffMr Andrew Duff

Orwell House
Cowley Road
Cambridge CB4 0PP

Mr Duff has attended 97% of the 288 parliamentary meetings since his election in 2004.


Richard HowittMr Richard Howitt

The Labour European Office
Unit 3, Frohock House
222 Mill Road
Cambridge CB1 3NF

Mr Howitt has attended 81% of the 288 parliamentary meetings since being elected in July 2004.

… (Echo, 03/06/2009) – Euro MP refutes claim he is one of worst in UK

You can check out MEP remuneration and allowances by clicking here.

Other parties standing in the European Elections on June 4th are: Animals Count; British National Party; Christian Party; English Democrats Party; Jury Team; No2EU Yes to Democracy; Pro Democracy; Socialist Labour Party (Leader Arthur Scargill); The Green Party; United Kingdom First; and United Kingdom Independence Party.

Lone among the parties is Peter Edward Rigby, independent.

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