BT Accused Of iPlayer Throttling

(BBC) – BRITAIN’S BIGGEST BROADBAND SUPPLIER has been accused of limiting download speeds on its cheapest package without giving users a clear warning.

BT Broadband cuts the speed users can watch video services like the BBC iPlayer and YouTube at peak times.

A customer who has signed on to an up to 8 megabit per second (MBPS) package can have speed cut to below 1Mbps.

A BT spokesman said the firm managed bandwidth ‘in order to optimise the experience for all customers.’

The BBC said it was concerned the throttling of download speeds was affecting the viewing experience for some users.

Customers who opt for BT’s Option 1 broadband deal will find that the speed at which they can watch streaming video is throttled back to under 1Mbps between 5.00pm and midnight.

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