Brown Insists ‘I won’t walk away’

(BBC) – GORDON BROWN HAS UNVEILED A RESHUFFLED CABINET and vowed to ‘fight on’ with his ‘resilient’ team to rescue the economy and clean up politics.

Alan Johnson – Home secretary
Andy Burnham – Health
Yvette Cooper – Work and pensions
Bob Ainsworth – Defence
John Denham – Communities
Liam Byrne – Chief Secretary to the Treasury
Ben Bradshaw – Culture
Lord Adonis – Transport
Sir Alan Sugar – Enterprise czar (non-Cabinet post)    

Alistair Darling
– Chancellor
David Miliband – Foreign
Jack Straw – Justice
Lord Mandelson
– Business
Ed Balls – Schools
Ed Miliband – Climate
Shaun Woodward – Northern Ireland
Jim Murphy – Scotland

John Hutton
James Purnell
Jacqui Smith
Hazel Blears
Geoff Hoon

He admitted Labour had suffered ‘a painful defeat’ in Thursday’s polls but added: ‘I will not waver. I will not walk away. I will get on with the job.’

Two more cabinet ministers – Geoff Hoon and John Hutton – have stepped down;  but neither backed a challenge to the PM.

Speaking at a Downing Street media conference, Mr Brown said the current political crisis, fuelled by the Westminster expenses scandal, ‘is a test of everyone’s nerve — mine, the Government’s, the country’s.’

He added: ‘If I didn’t think I was the right person to lead these challenges,  I would not be standing here.

‘I have faith in doing my duty… I believe in never walking away in difficult times.’

Conservative leader David Cameron and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg repeated their calls for a general election.

Mr Cameron told BBC News the government had ‘lost the right to govern,’ adding: ‘We have a government in complete chaos. We really do deserve better than this.’

Mr Clegg said Mr Brown’s future as PM was ‘irrelevant’ because the Labour government was ‘finished’ and had ‘run out of road’.

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  1. Just what does it take for this unelected prime minister to get the message? He is getting a drubbing at the elections, has ministers either leaving of their own accord, or before they are pushed and the polls make clear that we cannot stand him or this government. Call this a democracy?

    • Mr Brown is due to address a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party on Monday evening at Westminster. Once the European Election results (due on Sunday) have been digested by rebel backbenchers, the results of that meeting could point the way to whether he remains firmly in post or faces an internal challenge.

      We will have to wait and see…

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