Politicians ‘Need To Get A Grip’

(Press Association) – A BUSINESS LEADER has urged politicians to ‘get a grip’ on long-term problems such as rising Government debt and increased levels of youth unemployment.

Richard Lambert, director general of the CBI, said the country was at a ‘burning platform moment,’ threatened by critical issues which needed to be tackled urgently.

At a CBI dinner near Gatwick, he criticised the apparent failure of politicians across the parties to address ‘huge challenges.’

He said: ‘The United Kingdom faces some of the biggest economic, social and environmental challenges of our lifetime — challenges that go right to the very heart of what kind of country we want this to be.

‘Britain finds itself at what you might call a burning platform moment. We can either take the bold steps that will be necessary to take us forward to a prosperous but different kind of future, or we can pretend to ignore the need for change, and risk going down with the ship.

‘Instead of focusing on this big picture, politicians appear wholly preoccupied with what’s going on within the Westminster village, and in doing what they can to strengthen their own positions over the short term.’

Commenting on the MPs’ expenses scandal, Mr Lambert said: ‘In response to this public rage, politicians are airily throwing around ideas for constitutional reform — ideas which may be desirable in themselves and will need serious discussion in calmer times; but which are a massive diversion at a time when so many urgent policy decisions have to be agreed and implemented.’

The CBI leader added that the UK faced a fiscal deficit this year on a scale which had never been experienced before in peacetime.

A spokesman for the Business Department said: ‘The Government will continue to lead with bold and decisive government in order to lead the country out of recession. Many initiatives have been announced and more will follow in the coming weeks.’

… (27/06/2009) – UK To Fall Furthest Into Debt

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