Help Sought For New NHS Services

NEW NHS SERVICES for people with severe or complex personality disorders are to be introduced in the East of England. Members of the public, service users, carers and staff are being invited to help determine the assistance needed.

‘About one in ten people in the area has a personality disorder with most able to live well,’ a spokesman said.

The new services are to focus on a much smaller number with complex or severe personality disorders which make life difficult and cause family problems.

The NHS has come up with several different options that might help to meet people’s needs. These range from outreach support in the community to help people in their home area and also specialist short term facilities with accommodation.

Jo Scott, project manager, said: ‘This is a great opportunity for people to make a real difference.

‘So far, we have received feedback from over 100 people and now want to encourage more to help us know what types of services are needed and if we’ve got the balance right.’

The consultation will run until 27 July across the East of England.

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