Members’ Allowances Finally Published

MPS’ ALLOWANCES, for the period 2004/05 to 2007/08, were finally published this morning on the Website, in the form of a searchable database.

The claims include:-

  • The Additional Costs Allowance — paid to reimburse Members for necessary costs incurred when staying overnight away from their main home.
  • The Incidental Expenses Provision — the costs associated with running an office.
  • The Communications Allowance — introduced in 2007/08 which provides funds for communication with constituents.

Data is provided in the form of downloadable PDF files containing redacted scanned documents.

Copies of Bob Spink’s expenses can be retrieved (from this server) using these PDF links:-

… (Echo, 19/06/2009) – Spink gets new flat-screen TV and £3,000 worth of furnishings

… (22/06/2009) – Was It Something I Said?..

… (Guardian, 28/07/2009) – Bob Spink’s expenses


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  1. […] spent the better part of Saturday examining Dr Spink’s Incidental Expenses Provision (IEP) and Communication Expenses (CE) claims. Then, at 10:35pm that night, I sent Bob Spink this email:- Dear Dr. […]

  2. […] … (18/06/2009) – Members’ Allowances Finally Published […]

  3. […] to answer questions on the £23,076.45 of public funds he claimed in respect of legal fees in his published expenses; but the fact that this bill is raised so close on the heels of a Mail On Sunday article (alleging […]

  4. […] Echo’s failure to follow-up the lead I gave them, regarding Spink’s CA claim, when his expenses were first published. I was disappointed to find that, if the matter were ever to come to press, it […]

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