Swine Flu ‘Cannot Be Contained’

(BBC) – THE RISING NUMBER OF SWINE FLU CASES means trying to contain the virus is no longer an option, the government says.

Ministers said the emergency response would now move to a new ‘treatment’ phase across the UK.

It means anti-flu drugs will no longer be given to the close contacts of those infected; nor will lab testing be done to confirm cases.

The move has been made to relieve the pressure on the health service.

The announcement, which comes into effect immediately, has long been expected; but it does not mean the pandemic virus is becoming more deadly; just that it can no longer be contained.

When people are displaying symptoms, they should contact the NHS by phone, the government said. If doctors believe the person is suffering from swine flu, they will be told to stay at home and be given a voucher, which a friend or family member can take to a drug collection point — such as a pharmacy.

Andy Burnham, the health secretary in England, said: ‘The national focus will be on treating the increasing numbers affected by swine flu.

‘Cases are doubling every week and, on this trend, we could see over 100,000 cases per day by the end of August.’

… (10/07/2009) – First ‘Healthy’ Swine Flu Death


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