Steeley Policeman Catches Wrong Man

'So tell me: are you feeling lucky?..'

'So tell me: are you feeling lucky?..'

(BBC) – AN ESSEX TEENAGER, who mistook a set of police handcuffs attached to a fence for a toy, found himself trapped and had to be released by firefighters.

The 18-year-old was locked to a fence in Roodegate, Basildon, and crews had to saw the cuff in half to release him.

Sub Officer Warren Breeze said: ‘The 18-year-old was out with a group of friends when they came across a set of handcuffs which were half locked.

‘The open half was hanging on the fence and he locked himself in.’

Sub Officer Breeze added: ‘He thought they were toy handcuffs and locked himself in them for a joke.

‘It was then that he discovered they were proper police handcuffs and he was locked in.

‘They called us and we used a power saw to cut the handcuff, which was on the post, so that the boy could walk to the police station for them to unlock the other cuff.

‘But just as we had finished, a patrol car turned up with the keys.’

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