Double Jeopardy Killer Jailed For Life

(Telegraph) – MARIO CELAIRE, a footballer with a history of violence against women, has been given two life sentences after admitting killing his ex-girlfriend seven years after being cleared of the crime.

Celaire is the first person previously cleared by a jury to be convicted under new double jeopardy rules.

Celaire, now 31, was cleared by a jury of killing Cassandra McDermott, 19, whom he had beaten unconscious and left under a duvet to choke to death.

Due to the change in the law — which means a defendant can be tried for the same crime twice — and the ‘remarkable’ courage of his second victim, Kara Hoyte, he has now been sentenced.

The law was changed in 2005 to enable suspects to be tried for the same crime again in cases where ‘new and compelling evidence’ could be produced.

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