On Witch-Hunts, Freemasons, Claims – And Alleging

EditorialTHERE WAS A TIME when newspaper editors only permitted the words alleged and claimed to be used by court correspondents. And there was a time when journalists did not report spurious tales. Reporters were required to confirm their story’s statements with at least two independent sources — and a piece that did not cover those ‘six honest serving men’ (what, where, when; why and how and who) would always be firmly rejected.

But not so these days.

These days, what can apparently be an unsubstantiated allegation in which the accuser remains unnamed — and the where, when, why and how can simply be omitted.

In her piece for the Echo, Sarah Calkin writes five paragraphs and uses the word alleged, in one of its forms, in four of them. And she also implies some form of Freemasonry conspiracy between three named individuals — one of whom cannot be a Freemason: by virtue of her gender. Moreover, she makes mention of a ‘confidential report;’ but does not give its title or date (although the context suggests it is at least two years old).

Just as notable is the fact that she does not quote from the document either.

Maybe I am being unfair. Perhaps the ‘See today’s Echo for full details’ splash will reveal that I am being unduly critical. Or perhaps the Echo’s editor needs to provide on-line ‘tasters’ to boost the paper’s circulation figures.

I cannot help feeling, though, that the paper’s circulation would have been far better served by reporting the issue of Bob Spink’s expense claims — rather than propagating unproven innuendos about a hard working councillor who, unlike many, has been prepared to speak-out on the relationship that apparently exists between the Echo and that MP.

It makes one wonder where the Echo’s source of the ‘confidential report,’ which Sarah Calkin alludes to, originated…


It could not be!

Could it?..

… (14/07/2009) – Bob Spink Jumps On The Bandwagon


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