‘Not Enough Being Done’ To Cut Immigration

(Mail) – A REPORT TODAY reveals that Britain’s population will pass 70 million in two decade’s time — because neither of the two major political parties will do enough to cut immigration.

A Tory government would bring down annual net immigration by 27%, the Migrationwatch think tank said.

Labour’s policies, centred on its points-based system intended to allow in mainly highly-qualified migrants, would cut net immigration by eight per cent, the report found.

But neither cut would bring projected 2029 population levels under 70 million — the level that Labour’s Immigration Minister Phil Woolas has said he will not allow.

The report said: ‘The official forecast is that, in the absence of major policy changes, we will reach this point in 20 years time with nearly all the increase in England.

‘To avoid the UK population hitting 70 million (nine million more than today) net migration needs to be reduced from 237,000 (the 2007 figure) to 50,000 — and held there. This is a 75 per cent reduction.’

Migrationwatch chairman Sir Andrew Green said both parties were trying to con the public.

‘According to Government figures, we can expect almost another 10 million people in England in 20 years time of which seven million will be due to immigration — equivalent to seven cities the size of Birmingham,’ he said.

‘Current Labour policy won’t begin to address this. The Conservatives are barely better: despite their rhetoric, they have a lightweight policy that sounds tough; but won’t deliver.

‘Until the main parties decide to be honest about an issue crucial to the future of our society, and until they get real about the measures needed, extremist groups will continue to have a ball,’ Sir Andrew added.

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