Swine Flu Warning To Businesses

(Press Association) – BUSINESSES SHOULD ENCOURAGE COLLEAGUES TO KEEP THEIR DISTANCE during meetings, and stop shaking hands and kissing on the cheek to avoid the potentially costly impact of swine flu, according to a pandemic training company.

Training Scenarios has released a set of measures amid fears the virus could cost British industries up to £1.5 billion a day as it spreads.

The firm, which is linked to Chester and London-based Operation Command Training Organisation, said taking steps such as setting-up home working for employees; maintaining two-metre distances between staff; and wiping phones and door handles could make a significant difference.

One of its directors, Helen Glanville, said: ‘With the pandemic predicted to peak in September, businesses must start planning now before their staff disappear for their summer holidays. What companies do now could determine which organisations can cope and which cannot.

‘At its worst, up to 50% of staff could be off sick. Companies must plan for this in advance.’

She said the closure of one or two schools in an area through swine flu had already had knock-on effects.

‘Now, just imagine that all schools are closed; that up to half your staff are off sick; that your critical deliveries are not coming through; and that some of your key departments have had to shut down,’ she added.

‘This is not an unrealistic scenario, and even such extreme situations are manageable with proper preparation and staff training.’

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