Your Chance To Direct My Local Reporting

AS THIS BLOG’S SITE METER approaches 6,000 visitors, it is time to give its readers a say in the type of local reporting coverage they wish me to undertake. (And for me to devote more time to the venture).

This blog began as an experiment to discover if there was still an appetite for local community news; but, because of other commitments, I have only had time to produce a dozen pieces on local issues.

From September, I hope to be able to devote two days a week to gathering local news; but I need your help to decide what to report on — so I do not end-up wasting my time.

Please take a moment to consider what you would like me to cover, and take part in the following poll. You can choose more than one area that interests you and, if you cannot find what you like in the list, type a description in the ‘Other’ box provided.

You can also provide me with useful feedback by rating my posts; and you can now ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with a reader’s comment without leaving one of your own. Both features, just launched by WordPress, become available at the bottom of a post and comment when you click on an individual post’s headline.

Thank you.


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  1. Id like to see you do a youth section Ted and invite readers to contribute to your letters section. Your letter to Spink shouldnt be there.

    The island’s youth has no voice and there are plenty of residents having something to say – but not necessarily in commenting on what you are writing about.

    Id like to see you open it up more now you are getting a good readership

    • Thanks for that Cynical. I have added a Local Youth option to the poll (and removed that offending letter to placate you).

      I’ll also make your point about accepting letters in the ‘On Posting Comments’ page…

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