You Are There To Represent Our Interests, Bob – It Is Not For Us To Represent Yours

Bandwagon Bob

Bandwagon Bob

IN A FURTHER ATTEMPT to represent himself as Britain’s hardest working MP, Bandwagon Bob, our local MP, today took time-out to write a short press release for in which he urges residents to ‘fight for their green-belt.’

The release comes in the wake of the inevitable friendly piece in the Echo, by Max Orbach, on Spink issuing ‘Save Our Trees’ window posters to residents concerning the removal of mature oak trees on the northern meadow of Thundersley Great Common.

Readers will remember that I was somewhat bemused by his question regarding this topic in the House Of Commons; but now matters are becoming clear. Bandwagon Bob was just conducting some initial spade-work in the hope of embarrassing the local Borough Council — and when that attempt failed to bear any fruit, he decided to change tack and create a local issue.

The public has yet to see the receipts (if there are any) for our Bob’s Communication Allowance claim for this year; but, if history is anything to go by, we can probably take it for granted that the posters being handed-out will have been paid for from public funds.

Now, the fact is that, while we may sympathise with local residents over the felling of mature oak trees, Thundersley Common is designated an area of Special Scientific Interest, and the oaks in question have now grown so large that they are preventing the growth of rare, indigenous plants on the heathland. Their removal is no more than good husbandry on the part of Natural England, in conjunction with the local Borough Council, to preserve the natural environment for future generations.

Local residents were informed of this decision last autumn; but it is only now, when Bandwagon Bob finds a need to distract attention from his increasing bad press, that the matter is re-opened via an abortive parliamentary question that can be used to record his ‘interest.’

This is such a sordid affair, because Spink’s actions are entirely undemocratic. Yes, the residents have a right to their views, and should be allowed to air them. But those views can only be considered if they present a valid, alternative position.

Where is the conflicting scientific evidence that suggests Natural England’s analysis of the situation is wrong? And, more importantly, where is Spink’s evidence to support the residents’ case for keeping the trees (and justify his parliamentary question)?

Islanders will be the first to realise that this is not about mature oak trees. This is about engineering another petition that Bob can announce when Parliament resumes from its recess. A petition that will be presented as another attempt to attack the members of Castle Point Borough Council for ‘failing to consider local opinion.’ But, once again, it will be opinion that Spink has personally orchestrated; and, like all his other attacks, it will be based purely upon hot air.

Bandwagon Bob bears a grudge against locally elected councillors and officials. A grudge against those principled individuals whom exposed him for the type of person he really is. He has used his position, and his expenses, to pursue that grudge, at the expense of democracy, and to the detriment of the citizens he was elected to serve.

In his latest press release, Bandwagon Bob continues to fog local issues by rallying green-belt campaigners in an apparent attempt to have them disrupt a public meeting. As his grip on power diminishes, his raving against the local council is becoming more embittered and, frankly, embarrassing.

Epolitix reports his release as saying:- 

I launched the Borough wide [green-belt] campaign in March 2007 and it has been building strength ever since. We must ensure that councillors are aware of residents feelings.

There has been too much pandering to developers and not enough listening to residents and this must change so please make your views known to the councillors who are responsible. There is sufficient brown land in the Thames corridor to meet all the regions housing needs for the next 20 years. All parties should sign up to my demand that this land is used and all our green belt is protected.

I congratulate each local campaign, but we must all stick together and not allow our community to be fragmented and one area played off against another. People Power and independence from political parties will win in the end as we have seen so often recently.

Please do not let yourselves be used. And consider what he is saying carefully.

There has been no pandering to local developers (just an unfounded allegation that Spink apparently fed to the Echo). And his last sentence, regarding People Power, has no basis in fact. It is just a crass, emotive claim, designed to encourage you to do his bidding.

If, as some might think, he is aligning himself with Canvey’s ‘independent’ Town Council in that last statement, the facts speak for themselves: residents fought for two years to obtain a local bus service to Morrisons; but it was only when the Conservative, Ray Howard, was recently elected to Essex County Council that the problem was finally resolved. In two years the Town Council had done nothing.

MPs (and councillors) are elected to represent their constituents and their views. They are not there to tell constituents what views they should hold; organize their protests; or manipulate the local media to retain support. They are elected on behalf of the people to get things done.

Be careful whom you follow — and whom you eventually vote for. And be especially careful of what they write and say.

Do not let yourselves be manipulated by those who only have their own interests at heart, and their own personal agendas to fulfill.

… (03/08/2009) – What Part Of ‘Some Kind Of Funding’ Don’t You Understand, Bob?


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  1. I followed the epolitix link and could not believe my eyes. Spink even tells the campaigners the event, the time and the location of the council meeting for their protest!

    Does that mean, as standard bearer, he will be attending to lead their protest into the chamber?

  2. What is it about you and Spink? You havent anything good to say about him at all. if that isnt bias what is?
    if you put his name into Google you will find plenty of good things about him – and your criticisms dont get a mention at all.
    Get real.Bob Spink has done more for the people of Castle Point and articulated their views than any other MP – and he will certainly get my vote at the next general election.

    • You won’t pull any Google results from this blog unless you include the keyword ‘Canvey.’

      In the interest of balance :) :

      And I did produce a ‘good’ piece on Spink:

      ‘Bias’ is not about good and bad. It is about proportional coverage. You could accuse me of bias if I did not write anything about Spink – or devoted more space to one or more other politicians.

      If anything, I am guilty of not providing coverage of the Town Council and its members; but that is something I hope to remedy when I have time.

      As far as having something good to say: surely that depends on the facts?

      If you do not agree with my interpretation, there is nothing to prevent you saying so in an article’s comment section – or sending me an email for publication.

      I am happy to air all views…

      • Sure. Tory views you mean. i dont see you writing stuff about Labour, Liberal and BNP parties.
        Your bias really shows.
        We need independants like Bob and those in CTC who will represent us and clean up all the local corruption.
        Don’t bother turning up at any of our meetings because your bias wont be welcome.

        • So nice to find someone that is totally unbiased and has such a firm understanding of the local political situation

          Don’t be shy Simply Blue, tell us all what meetings you are referring to – or have you already said too much?

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