Brown Trails Badly in Two Opinion Polls

(Reuters) – THE LABOUR PARTY TRAILS THE CONSERVATIVES by up to 17 points in the polls, with a parliamentary election less than a year away, according to two surveys published on Sunday.

A YouGov poll for the Sunday Times put Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labour up three percentage points at 28%, with David Cameron’s Conservatives unchanged at 42%.

A poll by ICM for the Sunday Mirror showed Labour down one point from last month at 26% and the Conservatives up two points at 43%, giving them a 17 point lead.

Brown has been trying to revive his party’s fortunes after its support slumped to the lowest level in a century in European elections in June.

Analysts have blamed everything from the economic crisis and rising unemployment to a scandal over MPs’ expenses claims and Brown’s personal style for Labour’s poor showing in polls.

The former chancellor survived calls to quit from Labour ministers who said it would give the party a better chance of winning an historic fourth election in a row.

Brown has focussed attention on helping Britain to emerge from its worst recession since World War Two and has been buoyed by tentative signs of a recovery in recent economic data.

However, the YouGov poll suggested that most voters do not expect the economy to recover until next year at the earliest.

Only 7% think the economy has already started growing again, while a further 13% believe the recovery will begin before the end of the year.

Seven out of 10 of those polled by YouGov said economic conditions will not improve until next year or 2011 — and nearly half fear they or a close family member will lose their job.

Britain’s jobless rate reached 7.8%, or 2.4 million people, in the three months to June, the highest since 1996, official data showed last Wednesday.

In a report last week, the Bank of England predicted Britain’s worst recession in decades would end early next year.

YouGov polled 2,007 adults on August 13th and 14th, while the Sunday Mirror gave no further details about the ICM poll.


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  1. Well, no party ever wins an election, they lose them. Guess it’s Cameron’s turn on the cynincal roundabout of sham “democratic” politics in the UK. Labour will lose, despite following the Thatcher philosophy with such zeal.

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