Mayor Spotted At Abbeyfield Garden Party With Young Bird On His Arm

DESPITE ATTEMPTS BY ROAD-WORKERS to disrupt a tranquil Saturday morning on Long Road, directly outside the Abbeyfield grounds, Castle Point’s Mayor, along with his wife, somehow managed to arrive at the appointed time.

Abbeyfield residents with Mayor, Cliff Brunt

Abbeyfield residents with Mayor, Cliff Brunt

After posing for pictures with the ten Abbeyfield residents, the Mayor, Cliff Brunt, then opened the event with a flourish to allow waiting guests to descend on the brimming stalls.

While islanders filled their baskets with home made cakes, and children delved through the candyfloss-like collection of cuddly toys, I could not help but notice that Cliff Brunt had become distracted — and that there was a definite gleam emanating from behind his dark sunglasses.

Yes. She was a stunner. Preening herself beneath the shade of a green tarpaulin that perfectly complemented her eyes, with the warm breeze melting on her shapely legs and her long Shirley Bassey like nails reflecting the morning sun, she was everything a man could wish for. And you could tell she had her eye on the Mayor.

Cliff BruntPerhaps it was his fine regalia that set him apart from those around him; perhaps it was the large, black, shiny car that had delivered him into her presence. Perhaps we will never know. But, have no doubt: Cliff Brunt had been totally mesmerised by her beauty.

As if in a trance, the Mayor left his wife’s side, floated over to where his new love stood, and calmly offered her his arm. I took a photograph; but could look no more.

Graham Ash, a local celebrity (who has a reputation for living on the wild side) had brought her and two others to the party. ‘She is Canadian,’ he explained, ‘And has a reputation for being a Buzzard. If Cliff isn’t careful, she will pick his flesh to the bone and cast him aside — just like she has done with all the others.’

The Abbeyfield organizers wish to express their sincere thanks to islanders and their continuing generosity, which enabled the event to raise £750. But for me, and many others attending, Abbeyfield garden parties will never be the same again…

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