Canvey Needs New Housing AND A Third Road

PROPERTY WEBSITE RIGHTMOVE said yesterday that the ‘toughest market conditions for a generation’ had gone — after seeing a record number of potential buyers visit in one day.

It is rather like saying that the newspaper industry has recovered from the economic downturn because the Canvey Beat saw an unprecedented number of hits on Monday — or that the High Street must be buoyant again because the sunshine has brought out an increased number of window-shoppers.

Such attempts to talk-up the deflated housing market at this time, which is traditionally one of its busiest periods of the year, borders on the contemptible — as is the inflated prices being charged by many Estate Agents to provide home seller HIPs.

This is the industry that encouraged the take-up of self-certificated and interest only mortgages on over-priced properties to create an unsustainable housing bubble and that, in the midst of a recession and the biggest credit crunch for generations, still lives in a fairy-tale land unaffected by wage constraints or mounting unemployment.

This is the industry that, in private, welcomes the decline in new home building and the fact that 40% of mortgage payers face a repayment crisis over interest only deals — because fewer sellers being able to enter the market ensures that Estate Agents can keep prices high at the expense of first-time buyer misery.

If you did not think that property is over-priced, you might like to consider this fact: for every home you can buy in London, you could afford four in Berlin or Paris.

Buying an over-priced property now could spell financial disaster. The Bank of England interest rate is at an all-time low; but mortgage interest is slowly rising. This will continue to be the case as banks and building societies increasingly look to their deposit rates in order to attract more funds. Moreover, as the full extent of mortgage fraud among financial institutions becomes known, further interest rate rises, to offset those losses, will be made — and the current base rate will not be sustainable after the general election.

Britain’s housing crisis, it can be argued, is a direct result of Thatcher’s Right-to-Buy policy of 1980, which seriously diminished the public housing stock. Since then, no government has attempted to repair the damage caused while immigration and natural population growth has served to drive-up prices.

Government incompetence, and public greed, have led to a situation in which newly-weds can no longer afford to buy their own home, and must compete with migrant labour and asylum seekers for precious rented accommodation.

Housing is the underlying reason for the rise in nationalistic politics under this government and, together with the expenses scandal, is likely to prove a key battleground of the next general election. But, as with most things Canvey, islander opinion is being politically manipulated to ensure the real issues remain unaddressed.

While Spink prods his followers into action, from the comfort of his Westminster flat, under the banner of his Greenbelt Campaign — what has he been doing to ensure that Canvey obtains its needed third road? Some might suspect that he is not pursuing this issue; because doing so would undermine the objections to 400 desperately needed homes proposed for the West of Canvey Island.

Well, sensible islanders have news for you, Bob. The fact is the island needs both, along with an MP who does not pocket his expense overclaims and is prepared to work with locally elected councillors to ensure the community’s needs are met.

And we also need councillors to respect resident needs over that of a small selection of politically motivated islanders — pressing Essex County Council to provide a third road, despite any personal objection they may have to potential new building.

A third road connecting the island to the mainland is perfectly feasible (in fact, it may already exist) and Canvey’s new generation desperately requires new homes.

Change is never easy; but doing nothing is not an option.

The Canvey Beat says to councillors meeting on 3rd September: ‘Get your act together. “Yes,” to new, affordable homes on Canvey Island; BUT NOT BEFORE WE HAVE A THIRD ROAD TO THE MAINLAND.’

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  2. “Bob Spink, the independent MP for Castle Point, complained that travel expenses were so low that he had to subsidise “visits to schools, constituents etc” out of his own pocket”.

    Can’t he use his bus pass?

    • I’m not sure if there is a suitable reply to that (which I can put into writing, anyway).

      The man is shameless, isn’t he?

      It also looks like MPs are going to vote themselves a 10% to 15% pay rise (while many others accept shortened hours to keep their firms in business – and themselves from adding to the unemployment statistics). And that despite the fact that British MP’s are one of the highest paid groups in Europe.

      All hopes (and sympathy) now lie with Sir Christopher Kelly and his committee members, I’m afraid. (Or we will all be taking our lead from Yorkshire and voting English Democrat this side of the borders).

    • I just had an awful thought, after posting that last comment. I suddenly had this vision of our Bob wrapping himself up in the St George flag and adopting the English Democrats as his party for the next general election.

      He is a Yorkshireman, after all – and it presents as an ideal bandwagon.

      Oh Please God ‘No’. That is all we need. But they wouldn’t have him. Would they?..

      • What a horrible thought. I have little doubt that he reads this blog so I imagine you may have just given him an idea.

        Incidentally is there a record for the number of different political parties an MP has belonged to?

        • I do not think there is a definitive register as such; but you can interrogate the Guardian’s Aristotle Database to discover which parties a particular MP has stood for. What it will not be able to tell you, for example, is if Spink is a closet BNP member (I’m still keeping my fingers crossed on the other one).

          Spink’s history is here:-


          (His brief affair with UKIP at the bottom).

          Incidentally, Spink’s letter to Sir Christopher Kelly, complaining of his travel expenses, which the Times is referring to, is here:-

          In it, ‘in total confidence,’ he reveals that he does not live at his Downer Road address; but ‘at another house’ in his constituency…

          The letter is required reading for all his constituents, and, because of that, I have also placed a link to it on ‘The Page That Will Not Go Away.’

          If you did not see the man’s signature at the bottom of the page, you would think it a cynical hoax. But it most definitely is not.

          The phrase ‘two-faced’ comes immediately to mind…

          P.S. Don’t miss the Early Day Motions!

          • Spink’s letter and especially that latest Early Day Motion has left me speechless. You are so right the man has no shame at all.

            Give him his due though, he is a hell of a politician. He totally ignores the real world around him and invents a whole new world in which he is king to spout about.

            It utterly defies belief.

            All Castle Pointers need to read this!

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