Julian Speaks Out Over Hanningfield Comments

Julian Ware-LaneCASTLE POINT LABOUR Parliamentary Candidate, Julian Ware-Lane, is reported by his party as being flabbergasted when he heard what the leader of Essex County Council, Lord Hanningfield, had said about Canvey’s tourist aspirations.

Julian is reported as saying: ‘Lord Hanningfield’s recent comments that Canvey Island should abandon its ambitions to be a tourist resort are offensive, they are also very wrong.

‘People should be proud of their communities, and Canvey people are proud of theirs. To ignore the potential of tourism is to dismiss real business opportunities.

‘I am ambitious for Canvey Island, and for Castle Point as a whole. This is not to deny reality, quite the reverse. Being on the coast is an asset, and Canvey’s unique heritage is not ignorable.

‘It is well known what London Mayor Boris Johnson’s plans are for the Estuary — is Lord Hanningfield talking down Canvey as part of a softening up exercise? I am campaigning against the madness of an Estuary Airport — as well as standing up for all the wonderful things Canvey Island has to offer.

‘An intelligently developed tourist industry on Canvey Island could be a well-used facility, not just for locals; but for all of Castle Point and Essex beyond. I do not see why some of the day-trippers, who currently head for the attractions at Southend, could not be persuaded to disembark earlier in their journeys to sample the delights of the island in the Thames.

‘Has Lord Hanningfield bothered to visit Canvey Island recently? Judging by his ill considered remarks it seems doubtful.

‘The Leader of Essex County Council should not make these sorts of comments — he is plain wrong and should apologise to all on Canvey Island.’

Nice one, Julian…

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  1. A Labour Press Release Ted?

    • Now you are being cynical, Cynical :-)

      As I have previously pointed-out – I am, in fact, a professional floating-voter. The problem is, from a news standpoint, that there has been very little activity from the political parties on the subject of Canvey Island.

      I will not consider anything political that is not ‘on topic’ or likely to be of interest to islanders (as Colin Maclean has found-out). And I will not use press releases that are simply ‘party news-sheets.’ They do not fall under my definition of what constitutes political coverage.

      Unlike the local Conservatives, Julian has not tried to inundate me with ‘news.’ And he has not tried to associated himself or his party with any of the news or views I have expressed in order to get a ‘free ride.’ This is not a press release from Julian, it is just the result of my monitoring the Internet for anything with the keyword ‘Canvey.’

      The real story here is that Rebecca Harris has chosen not to publish anything regarding Hanningfield’s remarks (and that the Liberal Democrats do not have a local candidate).

      I have brought residents’ attention to the English Democrats and allowed them to invite applications from residents to stand for them – and I am also willing to provide space to the BNP, if they are listening (although they may not get such an easy ride) .

      And, of course, I am particularly loyal to our resident MP. I provide a link to his personal blog and cover his press releases whenever I can. :-)

      People should not vote for a party though. They should vote for individual candidates (and let the people select the party – or not in the case of independents).

      But a vote for an independent, at a general election, is a wasted vote; because it does not influence the electorate’s choice of a Prime Minister – or the governing party.

      Democracy is based on a party system – and it is important that all parties should be allowed to express their views. It is the only way an intelligent choice can be made between prospective candidates.

      I have added a ‘Your Vote X’ as a link category, at the bottom of this blog’s left-hand column, which provides access to candidate blogs. Readers can use them to obtain an insight into their views (or lack of them).

      I will not place any party links there; but if you are a Castle Point prospective candidate for the next general election, let me know your personal blog’s address and I will be pleased to publish it for readers.

      And all Press Releases are welcome (provided they are on topic and contain real news)…

  2. I’m surprised Bob kept his mouth shut on that one – particularly given Hanningfield’s political party

    Perhaps he didn’t get his free copy of the echo that day!

  3. I have never seen this blog before but I like it, and I think Julian has it right on Canvey.

    • Then let me be the first to welcome you, Robert, and thank you for commenting.

      There are only a few readers prepared to comment here, and it is good to find another who is – whatever your views.

      Just a word of warning though: be careful what you say in response to Bob Spink articles – he is renowned for his litigious nature (and you can post freely now – without being moderated).

      Welcome to the Canvey Beat… :-)

  4. Boris is in London and has little influence outside, so his airport in the Estuary, although feasible, is, in my opinion, not going to happen.

    Although I was at a recent presentation where it was suggested the sea-bed spoil that would be dredged for the Shell Haven container site would be more than sufficient to build an island airport.

    Hanningfields comments about the sea-front were, I hope, his personal views. Certainly I have not heard anyone on all sides of the political divide support them.

    But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a debate on the future of the sea-front as a tourist/Holiday centre that could be moved outside of political circles.

    • Indeed. There are also serious security implications that make an estuary airport, so close to the capital, a practical non-starter.

      As far as Canvey sea-front goes, I do not think anyone is minded to start competing with the likes of Southend for the day-tripper trade. Rather, I believe locals would just like to see it developed to keep pace with the growing family populations of the island and Castle Point. (Better car-parking facilities would be a good start).

      I remember Old Leigh as an idyllic spot to relax and obtain a summer sun-tan in the 60s when day-trippers were unaware of its existence. But these days I only venture there out-of-season when its former character returns. :-(

  5. Has no one else spotted it yet?

    What I find interesting is Julian’s choce of words. As the prospective Labour candidate, he says: ‘To ignore the potential of tourism is to dismiss real business opportunities.’

    He does not mention ‘jobs,’ as you would expect from a Labour candidate. Instead, he constructs his comments from the Conservative ‘style sheet.’

    Recession; wages; redundancies; university places – jobs. All fertile ground for the Conservatives at the next general election, which Labour had sought to approach as the party of sound business and financial sense. That is the hymn sheet that Julian is singing from – and he is no doubt hoping that the economy will have turned around enough by June for his party to reclaim the throne of economic competence.

    Until then, Labour will remain quiet on the employment issues facing the electorate and keep playing the ‘loyal representative’ card. And the Conservatives will continue to keep their powder dry in anticipation of that ‘Jobless exceeds 3 million’ headline.

    When that happens, the election campaign will begin in earnest. In the meantime, local Conservative supporters will continue to hope that Rebecca Harris can get her act together before then…

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