BNP Welcomes Future ‘Question Time’ Invitation

(Press Gazette) – THE BBC HAS CONFIRMED that it may invite British National Party leader Nick Griffin to appear on an edition of Question Time in the near future.

Talks are being held with other political parties, many of which have previously refused to share a platform with the BNP because of its policies on race.

No BNP representatives have yet appeared on the BBC’s flagship panel show.

A spokesman for the corporation said the BBC was bound by broadcasting rules to treat all political parties with ‘due impartiality.’

The BBC has been forced to review its position on the BNP after the far-right party succeeded in having two of its candidates elected as MEPs in last June’s European elections, including Griffin.

A spokesman for the broadcaster said: ‘The BBC is obliged to treat all political parties registered with the Electoral Commission and operating within the law with due impartiality.

‘Due impartiality is achieved both by ensuring appropriate scrutiny for each party and by the appearances of a range of politicians across a series of programmes.

‘Our audiences, and the electorate, will make up their own minds about the different policies offered by elected politicians.’

Although yet to be given a formal invitation, the BNP welcomed the move; however it has caused outcry amongst anti-fascist groups with some fearing it could add legitimacy to the BNP cause.

The Labour Party said the BBC decision had forced it to review its position of never sharing a platform with the BNP, while the Conservatives said they would treat the BNP’s appearance like ‘any other programme’ and would make sure a Tory party member was present to counter its arguments.

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