Asda Launches Asian Clothing Range

(Reuters) – ASDA, the country’s second biggest supermarket chain, said today it had become the first High Street retailer to launch an Asian clothing range, in response to growing customer demand.

The 13-piece collection — which includes a sequin print tunic, a traditional suit or Salwaar Kameez and a crinkle scarf — was the result of a collaboration with an Indian design team and is made with authentic Indian material.

‘We have the broadest socio demographic group of all the supermarkets and we wanted to offer affordable clothing suitable for all our customers,’ said Fiona Lambert, brand director at George, the supermarket’s clothing label.

‘We’re expecting huge demand in the build up to Eid and Diwali celebrations,’ she added in a statement.

Asda said it had seen a 46% year-on-year increase in sales of its ethnic food range, and that 63% of its ethnic customers had called for affordable authentic Asian clothing.

Prices for the collection, which was designed with input from a panel of customers, range from £7 to £26.

Asda’s parent company, U.S. group Wal-Mart Stores, launched a Bollywood-inspired collection in Canada earlier this year.

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