Lib Dems Back Points-Plan To Move Immigrants To Regions

Chris Huhne(Telegraph) – A REGIONAL POINTS-BASED IMMIGRATION SYSTEM was backed by the Liberal Democrats in a bid to ease pressure on the overcrowded South-East.

The aim of the system is to encourage immigrants to settle in areas with gaps in population and employment.

Party members hope this will reduce pressure on public services in those parts of the country already stretched by the inflow from abroad.

Home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne hailed the points-based system as a ‘step in the right direction.’

But he said it still failed to offer a ‘hard-headed assessment of the needs of different regions and parts of the economy.’

Commenting on the vote, Mr Huhne said: ‘Too many recent migrants have settled in the south east, which now has less water per head than Sudan.

‘Too few are in areas crying out for more population. We need a system that attracts migrants to those areas.

‘The regional points-based system would reward migrants for moving to areas that need them and not just pull up the drawbridge because we have reached an arbitrary national limit.’

Under the system, more points would be awarded to immigrants willing to move to areas where ‘there are the will and resources to welcome them…’

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  1. Do we have a local Lib Dem candidate or have they thrown in the towel?

    • Not a good showing from the Lib Dems is it, Cynical?

      The party does have a local website, purporting to cover Castle Point, Rayleigh and Wickford; but, at the local elections in May this year, four of their five candidates were from Chelmsford and the fifth from Saffron Walden.

      As far as I am aware, they have yet to field a local parliamentary candidate.

      I am sorry to say it is difficult to take their local efforts seriously – despite the often newsworthiness of their leaders’ statements…

      • Then so far we have an opportunity to vote for more of the same self serving nest feathering of the two main parties, a sitting MP who refuses to relinquish his grasp on taxpayers money that continues to line his pockets (love the image by the way) or, presumeably a BNP candidate in the shape of one of the Morgan brothers. Where’s the choice?

        • Probably between the two main parties, Cynical; but do not be too quick to write-off Spink. He has used taxpayers’ money to craft an image for himself as a Conservative Party defector (rather than the sacked parliamentarian he actually is) – and there are those that have been impressed by his quick responses, and tacit agreements, to constituents’ letters. (The fact that they are written so quickly apparently not suggesting the words ‘auto responder;’ or the possibility that they are generated from a comprehensive collection of Word templates).

          While other MPs take the time and trouble to research a matter before providing a considered reply: Spink seems to have gained public support for not doing any groundwork!

          If the other parties are to make any ground, they will have to go head-to-head with Spink; but that is not going to be easy for Harris, whose party is directly to blame for his being in office. The Conservatives have been quick to call for investigations into the likes of Baroness Uddin; but totally silent when it comes to the obviously spurious claims made by Spink exposed on this blog and made known to them at the highest level.

          The reason for the silence? Look at the dates and the evidence for such ‘misdemeanours’ dating back several years to when he was a Conservative MP. And also consider that, if it was so easy for Spink to get away with, just how many others have been following his example?

          Ware-Lane’s problem is feeble Brown and the fact that Castle Point is historically a Conservative stronghold; but he has plenty of ammunition with which to attack Harris and Spink.

          Unless Harris is prepared to criticize her Parliamentary party and apologize over its incompetent handling of our resident MP, many voters will be listening to Clegg today and seriously considering: ‘Why not?’ (But, of course, they first need a Lib Dem candidate for whom they can vote)…

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