Telegraph Wins Award For Expenses Investigation

THE TELEGRAPH MEDIA GROUP has been awarded a prestigious international award for the exposure of the MPs’ expenses scandal.

The Reporters World Award from El Mundo, the Spanish newspaper, was made in recognition of the international impact of the Telegraph’s MPs’ expenses investigation.

The investigation led to the resignation of numerous politicians, including the Speaker of the House of Commons, and dominated the news agenda for weeks.

The award is made in honour of two El Mundo journalists, killed while covering the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. It will be presented by the King of Spain at a ceremony in November.

A spokesman for El Mundo said: ‘It was simply impossible to find a better candidate for our international journalistic award in 2009 than the team involved in the investigation of the Expenses scandal in The Daily Telegraph. And not only because it was the most eyecatching and relevant series of articles published in the last decade by any European newspaper; but also because it had real consequences for the British citizens and for their politicians.

‘As a result of its revelations, the speaker Martin resigned, the MPs agreed to change their rules, and many of those involved ended up paying the money back to the taxpayer.

‘Every journalist should feel happy about what The Telegraph has done; because it proves that our trade is still alive — and that its preservation is absolutely crucial for society.’

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