Bob Attempts More Misdirection

Bandwagon Bob

Bandwagon Bob

EVER THE MEDIA-SAVVY POLITICIAN, Bandwagon Bob, our local MP, published another Press Release yesterday in an apparent attempt to repair his tarnished image. In it he urges teenagers living in Castle Point to enter a national writing competition to make their views about bankers’ pay and bonuses known.

His Press Release cared little about the competition’s closing date (he reported it falsely) but that is probably because the real purpose behind it was to associate himself with teenage outrage over bankers’ pay, and lead their, and their parents’, attention away from the little matter of his parliamentary over-claims and his expenses.

No doubt he was also hoping for the competition’s organisers to provide some kind of recognition of his support on their website; but, so far, that has not been forthcoming.

Perhaps the ifs School Of Finance is also aware of how reputations can be enhanced, or destroyed, by subtle associations fed to the media…

Castle Point’s teenagers, and their parents, are far more intelligent than that, Bob.

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