Angela Smith Speaks Out While Bob Throws His Support Behind Lollipops

ISLANDERS WILL WISH TO KNOW why it takes Basildon’s Labour MP, Angela Smith, to speak-out over Boris Johnson’s continuing plans for an island airport in the Thames Estuary, while their own MP appears totally ignorant of the impending issue.

Angela Smith’s remarks come as London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, is due to publish the first feasibility study into the airport, which is expected to show that its two artificial islands, built in four-metre deep water, and holding up to six runways, will be ‘technically possible.’

Boris remained uncharacteristically quiet on the subject at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester; but it appears that rumours to the effect that the plan had died a natural death are untrue. Boris is still proposing to take his initiative further, despite the obvious security implications of placing another airport so close to the country’s capital.

Funding the project, if it is ever to get the go-ahead, is unlikely to be a problem; since the likes of Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE have already indicated their willingness to provide the necessary funds.

Bob Spink, our local MP, stated his objections to the new airport in a press release dated the 18th June. In it he says:-

‘Senior Tory MPs in Essex and elsewhere are openly advocating an Estuary Airport even though this was firmly rejected and remains totally off this Government’s agenda. If the Conservatives form the next Government, as I think they will, local people may find this issue back on the agenda. Local people can trust me to continue to fight it. I cannot be whipped to keep my mouth shut. I work for my community, not for a political party.’

Time to stand-up and be counted, Bob — and time to put away the lollipops.

… (Echo, 16/10/2009) – MP quizzes minister over location of special school

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