Gordon Brown May Have To Pay Back Some Of His Expenses

(Telegraph) – DOWNING STREET SOURCES said it was ‘highly likely’ that Mr Brown will have to pay back cash claimed for cleaning bills.

It is expected that ‘the majority’ of MPs will either have to justify their claims or pay money back.

Several MPs announced that they would stand down from office, after the publication of hundreds of claims earlier this year.

Mr Brown used his expenses to pay his brother Andrew Brown £6,577 for cleaning work at his Westminster flat between 2004 and 2006.

The brothers shared the cleaner at their two flats. Under the arrangement, Andrew Brown paid the cleaner and the Prime Minister reimbursed his share of the cost.

His receipts show he paid his brother, a senior executive of EDF Energy, £6,477 over 26 months. The contract shows that the cleaner was paid £357 a month from December 2004 for work at both of the brothers’ flats in SW1. She spent seven hours cleaning the then-Chancellor’s property and three hours on his brother’s.

At least 325 MPs will be ordered to repay money or provide further details of their parliamentary allowances by the head of an official inquiry into the Commons expenses scandal.

Sir Thomas Legg will dispatch hundreds of letters tomorrow notifying MPs of the findings of his investigation into the widespread abuse of the allowances system, uncovered by the Telegraph.

Abuses included ‘flipping’ the designations of first and second homes to qualify for taxpayer-funded refurbishments; renting out homes; over-claiming for council tax; claiming subsidies for property development; avoiding capital gains tax; and making inflated claims for food.

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