The MEC’s Parry And The Telegraph’s Thrust

Sword duelTHE MEMBERS’ ESTIMATE COMMITTEE must have been feeling pretty pleased with itself at the beginning of the week when it emerged that Sir Thomas Legg, the retired ‘independent’ mandarin employed by the MEC’s six apparatchiks to investigate MPs’ Expenses, had largely confined himself to claims regarding household cleaning and gardening.

In response, Bercow and Harman were able to retreat from their previous anti-Legg statements; provide their puppet with unconditional support; and congratulate each other on parrying the Telegraph‘s attack. Legg, they could point-out, was independent, had combed through MPs’ expenses, and had demanded repayments from those whom had abused the system. The matter, therefore, was closed.

But the Members’ Estimate Committee had underestimated the intelligence of the British public, and the determination of the Telegraph to represent its readers’ interests. With a flick of its wrist, the newspaper drew blood from the complicit Legg’s findings and launched a combined thrust at the body of its opponent with an exposé of Wilshire and a call to the HMRC umpire to ensure that fairness prevailed.

In its final flourish of the week, the Telegraph smote its opponent’s buttocks with a flat blade, detailing MEP claims for relatives’ salaries and the infamous ‘British clause.’

It has not been a good week for British politics; but Britons’ champion has received a well deserved 27 points and a concerted round of applause from the public and its avid readers.

… (Telegraph, 17/10/2009) – Our MPs seem blind to the mortal peril they are all in

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