Children As Young As Nine To Receive Career Advice

(Reuters) – CHILDREN IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS as young as nine are to receive advice via internet sites such as YouTube on their future career paths under a new scheme, the government said today.

Under the programme designed to help children of all socio-economic backgrounds realise their goals, students will be given mentors, have the chance to visit universities, and be given counselling on what subjects to study via social networking sites like Facebook.

A recent study showed that 75% of 11-year-olds wanted to attend university, the government said.

‘Parents tell us they want to see an end to the old boys network that means only children from privileged backgrounds get their foot in the door,’ Ed Balls, schools secretary, said in a statement.

‘It is often too late for children to start thinking about this at 14 when they are influenced from when they are seven, eight and nine,’ he said.

The programme, which will be trialled in 38 schools, is designed to encourage pupils to think about their work aspirations at a young age, the government said.

The pilot schools will be located in Bristol, Coventry, Gateshead, Manchester, Plymouth, Reading and York.

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