Bob’s Wine Rejected?

Bob SpinkSOURCES HAVE IT THAT, following the Citi-Link incident, Bob Spink, our local MP, took time out on Saturday to return to the firm’s Lucking Lane offices to apologise — and offer staff  ‘a bottle of wine to compensate.’ Its vintage has not been mentioned; but it could not have been that good — because it was unanimously rejected.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: ‘We have liaised with both parties involved, and the matter has now been closed — no offences.’

It’s getting near Christmas, Bob! Wouldn’t your expenses run to a case of Bollinger?

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  1. So it really was him!

    A bottle of bloody wine! And I bet he got that from Thresher’s closing down sale!

    Good on CitiLink staff though. I wish I had been the one to look him in the face and tell him to stuff it.

    • Sorry, Cynical. I just cannot see our Bob doing his own shopping locally. I am even reliably informed that he does not park his car outside his Castle View Road address; but parks discretely some distance away.

      A piece in the Echo has it that he may be appearing as a witness for Dave Blackwell at his disciplinary hearing on Thursday morning, concerning the harassment of poor Julie Abel.

      The ‘independents,’ it seems, stick together…

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