Bob Spink – Master Of Spin

Bob SpinkTHE DISTRICT NEWS is carrying a piece entitled ‘Confusion over parcel delivery’ in its 13th November issue regarding the incident reported on this blog last week.

In it, ‘they’ say:-

MP Bob Spink ordered a replacement phone but was out when the courier company tried to deliver it and so he went with the card left by the courier to collect the phone in Basildon.

‘After handing over the card and receiving the parcel Bob was asked for identification and he showed his credit cards and then his official photo ID Parliamentary pass.

‘The attendant said this was not sufficient ID and asked for Bob’s passport which Bob did not have with him. Bob thought he had sufficiently identified himself and so left with his parcel.

‘The Courier Company subsequently alerted the parcel sender and police, as they thought someone may have tried to impersonate Bob and steal his phone.

‘The supplier of the phone immediately cleared up the confusion by informing the courier company that: “the package has been delivered correctly.” The matter is now ended.

‘Bob is setting out the details since the Echo rang to ask him rather strange questions about police being notified of a stolen phone which was to be supplied to him. Bob has copied this statement to The Echo to ensure any reporting is correct.’

Thanks for clearing that up, Bob…


2 Responses

  1. What a gloss he has put on that!

    And guess what version the Echo chose to print!

    • Mmm.

      Of course, credit cards don’t show the holder’s address; but his parliamentary pass does. As would have his driving license (which he does not mention providing).

      The problem he had of course, as reported here, was proving he lived at the address that the package was destined for.

      Probably a case of selective amnesia. Bob has a long history of ‘not being able to recall’ incidents that reflect badly upon him…

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