ECC Chief’s Salary Criticised

(BBC) – ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL has been criticised for its decision to pay its chief executive a ‘base salary’ of £230,000 a year.

Campaign group the Taxpayers’ Alliance said the council had ‘no justification’ for paying such a high salary to Joanna Killian.

The council said Ms Killian, also chief executive of Brentwood Borough Council, delivered savings of nearly £100m in the past two years.

It said the salary was fair given the complexity of Ms Killian’s role.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance said Ms Killian was one of the highest paid local government bosses in Britain.

‘There’s no justification for such high salaries in local government,’ said a spokesman.

In April, the alliance said its research showed that more than 1,000 council bosses earned more than £100,000 a year and at least 16 earned more than Mr Brown, who earned a £194,000 salary.

A spokesman said: ‘Essex County Council pays a fair price given the responsibilities, complexity and challenges of this role.’

He argued that the council needed ‘quality people’ and added: ‘As chief executive of two local authorities Joanna Killian in the last two years has delivered savings worth a total of £98.5m.’

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  1. In a small borough like Castle Point the CEO gets £145,000 + a five series BMW. Most of the Executive get 75,000+.

    The annual budget of Castle Point is around £14million.

    What do you think.

    • I think that the executive should be paid more than the politicians they advise, Curbishly; but I also think that all executive salaries are disproportionate to the actual jobs they do.

      The easiest way for an executive to increase their firm’s bottom line is to make cuts; but to be rewarded for that, in my opinion, is crass stupidity. Executives should only be rewarded for growing a company’s top line together with its profits.

      Where you actually peg executive salaries is open to debate; but I would like to see the manufacturing industry accepted as the appropriate standard. Certainly not the financial sector, which has never produced anything. And not on some kind of ‘national executive average’ which is skewed by the gaming and financial sectors.

      £100,000 for a chief executive and a suitable individual to chair IPSA seems about right to me – given that MP’s earn around £65,000 and are themselves overpaid by European standards.

      And ‘no,’ I don’t think Killian or any other executive is worth a basic £230,000 of taxpayers’ money. The idea that this level of payment is required to keep hold of someone that is simply ensuring the ECC is managed effectively is a joke. That is what all other Chief Executives are ensuring on a daily basis. It is just that they are doing a better job, ensuring that there is not £98.5 million of wasted funds sloshing around in their own authorities so that some ‘high-flyer’ can come along and claim part of it as some kind of just reward for sorting things out…

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