MPs Reject Crackdown On ‘Home School’ Parents

(Independent) – A GOVERNMENT PLAN to crack down on parents who educate their children at home will be rejected today by MPs.

The all-party Education Select Committee will oppose the immediate introduction of a compulsory register for all parents. It also rejects plans for an annual inspection of their homes and the right for council officials to question home-educated children in private.

Their report, published today, is critical of the way a government review, headed by Graham Badman, former director of children’s services in Kent, collected information that claimed children who were home educated were more likely to be placed on the child protection register.

In evidence to MPs, Mr Badman said they were twice as likely to come to social services’ attention. However, his report also said it was impossible to know how many children were home educated – with estimates ranging from 45,000 to 150,000.

MPs will recommend a voluntary register to be tried for two years.

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