Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No! It Is Canvey’s Own Superbob!

SuperspinkNOT CONTENT with apparently rescuing three residents stranded by Friday’s snow, Gateway FM reports that Bob Spink, our local MP, has spent Sunday ‘in Canvey Island helping elderly people on iced up paths in the town centre and side paths [sic].’

I must have missed him…

Since Gateway FM provided our MP with a platform to conduct his spin from, Bob has been keen to include the community radio station in his press releases — and Gateway FM has been equally keen to present them word-for-word as part of their daily broadcasts. Indeed, Gateway FM seem intent on treating Spink as a local celebrity, threading his claims into their own news programming and presenting them as unqualified fact.

On its ‘About Us‘ page, Gateway FM states that its aim is ‘to promote community awareness, regeneration, cohesion and understanding through locally generated media.’ It also presents itself as a media training facility; but, in its programming, demonstrates a complete lack of respect for basic journalistic standards. That is not the way to promote community awareness, understanding — or run a radio station.

Fortunately for residents, Gateway FM will be forced to cease broadcasting in the New Year. (With only a part-time broadcasting license it is limited to just two periods of 28-day sessions a year).

No doubt Spink will be hoping that they will re-open for business in the run-up to the general election campaign; but I really hope that is not the case. Residents have enough to contend with from the Echo’s biased reporting, without Gateway FM adding to the MP’s misinformation campaign.

Incidentally, if anyone did see Spink yesterday, or Friday, in his Superbob disguise, this blog would be happy to publish your photographs and reports. Let us not forget that, if his claims can be confirmed, they really would warrant a headline…


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  1. I suspect that the airtime devoted to Spink is connected to Gateway FMs application for a full-time broadcasting license………….

  2. No sightings reported yet then Ted?

    Looks like you have managed the only picture! :-)

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