How The Politics Of Hate Are Set To Derail Local Elections This Year

IT IS DIFFICULT ENOUGH THESE DAYS to obtain a simple answer from a politician. But when the air is polluted by intentional misinformation disseminated in support of a parliamentary Early Day Motion laid down by our local MP, the danger is that few will be able to focus upon issues that really matter.

So let us dispense, once and for all, with the ludicrous claim being made by a far-right resident and pretender to the Barking and Dagenham seat whose pages on Facebook are devoted to gaining parliamentary support for Spink’s dubious motion.

The claim being made, which is designed to set any Englishman’s blood boiling, is that:-

Sharia Law has now been ratified by the Labour Government as legally binding in civil courts.

It is, of course, a complete misrepresentation.

We will examine the role of Sharia law in the Muslim community and the English courts later; but for now we will focus upon the individual apparently making the claim.

William Richard Baker will have first come to readers’ attention by his comments made to an article on this blog, when he voiced his support for Spink. He then said:-

Unfortunately Bob us now an independent [sic] but is recognised as a patriot. Your rantings and ramblings seem diseased and jealous in content as to his status in the community, something you yourself are obviously lacking. His EDM288 resolution will grow in stature as it is a matter that the English Electorate in general are asking for. Now crawl back under your rock and desist with the rhetoric as you have been found seriously wanting with regard to this issue, or any other come to that.

Readers may also have come across his offerings on the Echo website. On 22nd October last year, he had this to say in response to a piece regarding further development of the Thorney Bay caravan park.

The problem is all the current poltical parties and those that have been heading the council on this Island for some years now, are not getting to grips with the community needs nor listening to them as they are suppossed to as their elected representatives. Most of the independence have good intentions but as independence they cannot acheive anythig poltically on a national level as they have no foundation or support on a national basis, which frustrates them I am sure as well as the communities they represent. The English Democrats are going to be contesting Castlepoint in the next elections and if successful will put the power of local community decisions back with the people who live in these communities! English Democrats are getting a good reception in Castlepoint and I suggest you go looka t their manifesto and get behind them. We need a poltical change and maybe the independent councillors should also consider talking to the English Democrats as well and getting national support on changing issues that effect local communities instead of going it alone. When Cameron gets in power and the SNP break up the union England is going to need politcal security with our own English Parliament and this is happening within the next two elective periods. Time to rip of the blinkers and gaze around you to see what is happening. We need people like Peter Davis, the Mayor of Doncaster on Canvey Island and we need them soon before the situation gets any worse.

But what may not have been apparent to readers, was that reaction to the article was apparently being manipulated by William’s alias, Bill Richards. Commenters were mocked into vigorous responses by:-

If the local authorities resolved the housing crisis and made more affordable housing then the people wouldn’t have to go into the Caravan Park. Jeff King is supplying a service that no one else in authority is and that is affordable accommodation. Not all are on the dole or claiming benefit either as the traffic coming out of the caravan park with people going to work in the mornings is clearly evident. There are nurses, paramedics, builders, teachers and all other types of tradesmen and women living there because they have either come on hard times, lost homes or need temporary accommodation in the area till they can find something better. It is also great to see the ethnic minorities coming onto Canvey Island as well while they are waiting for the new houses to be built on the wasted green belt land and is good for cultural diversity. Once the 500 houses are underway and built on the wasted land then this will ease the burden on the Caravan park so other people can get an opportunity to get out into Essex from the Cities, but we should be building more than 500 houses. It should be more like 2500 and bring more ethnic minorities onto the Island as well and water down this little ‘white ethinc racist community’ Those of you that do not like it should consider a move of the Island its as simple as that as David Cameron tagged you all properly as ‘Sour little Englanders’.

And then:-

You have to accept that you are part of a multi ethnic community really and that people of all races are entitled to live here as well. The Mosque should go ahead and be planned properly. Not sure where they got the idea that there was only 24 Muslims on the Island but is probably 200+ on Thorney Bay that need prayer facilities.

It seemed from his attributable comment that Bill had thrown his weight behind the English Democrat Party (EDP); but that was about to quickly change. On 20th December he vigorously attacked his chosen heroes in reply to an article on the News Shopper website.

The English Democrats have formed an Alliance with Black Christian groups and have sold out the English voters anyhow. The Idiot Steve Uncles has told George Hargreaves [leader of the Christian Party] that they will not contest in Barking and Dagenham area, if the Black Christian party do not contest in Dartford area. very English values indeed and their motto of :Putting England First; seems a bit shot in the foot wouldn’t you say. The English democrat national executive is like any other party executive leadership and all in it for themselves and not to be trusted. Come election time if anyone wants more information of how this alliance was formed please feel free to contact me and I will assist you in exposing the English Democrats for the lie they truly are. I believe ti idiot Uncles is standing in Gravesham, but this is a person out for personal gain at all times and has no interest in the electorate he intends to try and represent.

Then, in a fit of pure venom, he turned all his guns on the EDP in apparent revenge for their having dismissed him as a parliamentary candidate for Barking and Dagenham.

Read Uncles email below where he is clearly abandoning the English voters to the Black Christian party in Barking and Dagenham as he thinks they are stronger in Dartford. This is the mind of a weak willed person who has only his own personal interests at heart

Dear Bill
The strategic objective of the English Democrats is to get MPs elected in Dartford & Doncaster in the 2010 General Election as agreed at the National Council meeting over the weekend.
Compromises in politics have to be made on occasions – the Alliance for Democracy, includes 6 Parties – the Christian Party, have only asked for 2 Constituencies to be ring fenced for them in England – Barking, and indeed Dagenham – this is not an unreasonable request, as historically we English Democrats do not have a great deal of activity in this area.
The prospects for the English Democrats in Barking or Dagenham with “Full on” Campaigns from the BNP and the Christian Party are not good, and therefore your own resources I suggest would be much better spent in Canvey Island, where you will get a better result, and help our English Democrats National Objective towards our target of 120 Candidates to quality for a UK wide PPB [Party Political Broadcast].
If you wish to stand as an Independent in Barking or Dagenham, then I am personally not going to loose sleep, but I suspect you will be out-gunned by Activists and money from both the BNP and Christian Party.
If you change your mind, then you are most welcome to stand for the English Democrats in many places in Essex or London-Essex.
Kind regards
Steven Uncles
National Operations Director
& South East Area Chairman
English Democrats

Readers should note that none of the established right-wing groups are promoting the Sharia lie, and the BNP, in particular, were the first to criticise Spink over his expenses and to distance themselves from what he stood for.

So what about that Sharia law? Lord Phillips, the most senior judge in England and Wales, was the source for these Questions & Answers from the BBC.

What is Sharia?

Sharia law is Islam’s legal system. It is derived from both the Koran, as the word of God, the example of the life of the prophet Muhammad, and fatwas – the rulings of Islamic scholars.

But Sharia differs in one very important and significant way to the legal traditions of the Western world: it governs, or at least informs, every aspect of the life of a Muslim.

What does it cover?

Western law confines itself largely to matters relating to crime, contract, civil relationships and individual rights.

Sharia is however concerned with more. Sharia rulings have been developed to help Muslims understand how they should lead every aspect of their lives according to God’s wishes.

What does this mean in practice?

All sorts of things in daily life. For example, many young Muslims ask themselves what they should do if colleagues invite them to the pub after work or college.

Many people would of course make up their own mind about the appropriate course of action. But others may turn to a Sharia scholar for advice.

So Sharia covers a lot of very mundane and banal daily issues where observant Muslims want to ensure they act within the legal framework of their faith.

So how are rulings made?

Like any legal system, Sharia is complex and its practice is entirely reliant on the quality and training of experts.

There are different schools of thought, which consequently lead to different rulings.

Scholars spend decades studying the law and, as with Western law, an expert on one aspect of Sharia is by no means the authority on another.

Islamic jurists issue guidance and rulings. Guidance that is considered a formal legal ruling is called a Fatwa.

Do people go to court?

Sharia courts exist in both the Muslim world and in the Western world.

In parts of the Muslim world the criminal courts and their punishments are of course drawn from the rules of Sharia.

In the West, Muslim communities have established Sharia courts to largely deal with family or business disputes.

The internet has become a popular way of seeking a ruling with scholars. Some of the guidance to Muslims in the west which has been considered most outlandish has come from these sources, particularly where the scholar has no knowledge of the realities of western life.

Why is Sharia mentioned in the same breath as public executions?

Of all the issues around Islamic law, this remains the most controversial in Western eyes – and its presentation the most infuriating for Muslims.

Muslims say the Western world misrepresents Sharia by focusing on beheadings in Saudi Arabia and other gruesome punishments. The equivalent, they say, would be a debate about the history of Western law focused on America’s electric chair.

Some modern Muslim scholars say that while Sharia includes provisions for capital and corporal punishment, getting to that stage is in fact quite difficult.

The most famous Muslim thinker in Europe, Tariq Ramadan, has called for a moratorium on these penalties in the Muslim world.

He argues that the conditions under which such penalties would be legal are almost impossible to re-establish in today’s world.

But Muslims can be executed for converting?

Apostasy, or leaving the faith, is a very controversial issue in the Muslim world and the majority of scholars believe it is punishable by death.

But a minority of Muslim thinkers, particularly those engaged with Western societies, argue that the reality of the modern world means the “punishment” should be left to God – and that Islam itself is not threatened by apostasy.

The Koran itself declares there is “no compulsion” in religion.

Egypt’s most senior cleric has faced a storm in the Middle East after floating some of these ideas but the debate may well continue for many generations to come.

So what kind of Sharia are we talking about in the UK?

The key issues are family law, finance and business. In practice many Muslims do turn to Sharia guidance for many of these day-to-day matters, particularly family disputes.

And how does this work in practice?

Muslims are increasingly looking to the example of Jewish communities which have long-established religious community courts.

These “courts” are legally recognised in English law as a means for warring parties to agree to arbitration. The law sees this as a practical way of helping people to resolve their differences in their own way, without clogging up the local courts.

But what about incorporating Sharia into British law?

In two important areas British law has incorporated religious legal considerations. British food regulations allow meat to be slaughtered according to Jewish and Islamic practices – a touchstone issue for both communities.

Secondly, the Treasury has approved Sharia-compliant financial products such as mortgages and investments. Islam forbids interest on the basis that it is money unjustly earned. These products are said by supporters to meet the needs of modern life in a way that fits the faith.

Has any western nation allowed Sharia to be used in full?

Not at all. Canada is widely reported to have come close – leading to protests in 2005.

But in reality the proposals were little different from the existing religious arbitration rules here in the UK.

Experts considered establishing Sharia-related family courts to ease the burden on civil courts – but said these would have to observe the basic human rights guarantees of Canadian law.

What about Sharia and women?

Some Muslim women in Britain are concerned about how their rights are protected. Take marriage for example.

Muslims only consider themselves truly married once they have conducted the Islamic ceremony, known as the nikah. In some cases, this means that there is a cultural view that the British civil ceremony, which enforces legal rights under the law, is not important.

Some mosques are aware of this issue and now demand to see a marriage certificate as a condition of the nikah. Others do not. Many women want Muslim leaders to do more to ensure their rights are protected under British law.

Does Sharia allow men to instantly divorce wives?

There is an idea that men merely have to say the Arabic for divorce three times (known as the triple talaq) and that is sufficient – and there are some men who think they have this right.

In practice, not only do texts show Muhammad disagreed but today, where Sharia courts are properly run, the words are merely a symbolic part of a rigorous process.

Marriage is a contract in Islam. Scholars expect three-month cooling-off periods, dialogue, arbitration and counselling. However, Talaq is a very complicated area of Sharia law with conflicting views.

So women have reservations about Sharia?

Some Muslim women in the West would be worried about protection of their rights in Sharia courts where there is discrimination against them because of patriarchal and cultural control in their communities.

This does not mean that they are necessarily opposed to Sharia – only there are concerns about the fairness of its application.

It’s fair to say that many leading Muslim women are more concerned about how existing British equality measures and human rights laws can be used to improve their position and voice in society.

The purpose of Baker’s internet campaign seems to be to discredit far-right parties; legitimise Spink as the far-right’s candidate; and thus allow him to reap the benefit at the polls on an anti-Islam ticket…

Use your vote wisely this year.

Support EDM resolution to ban Sharia Law and Islam4uk by MP Bob Spink – by William Richard Baker

JUSTICE FOR ENGLAND MARCH – by William Richard Baker

England United – by William Richard Baker

… (Pickled Politics, 05/11/2009) – Interview with English Democrats at anti-Islamists demo


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  1. He also regularly leaves rather bizzare rants on the Echo website under ‘Bufallo Bill’

  2. Interesting that he did not take-up the offer of representing the EDP on Canvey (and probably a relief to residents and the EDP as well). But why did he reject it?

    Do I sense some kind of conspiracy here between him and Spink – and not just some lunatic ravings?

    I really thought it was Ashleigh when this guy replied to your post. And i’m not prepared to admit that I was way off the mark just yet.

    Are we sure ‘Bufallo Bill’ is another alias for this man. I suspect it is more likely to be Ashleigh or Spink. From what I can see this particular individual always appears when Bob is under pressure in the comments section (and his grammar is better than WRB). Also, look at the venom directed at Rebecca and the local conservativ council.

    We know political parties employ annonymous PR persons to contain fallout from bad press in the comments sections – we have had the Conservatives try it here. It would be surprising if Spink is not doing the same to preserve his image in his favourite paper.

    What do the Echo readers think?………………….

  3. I applaud Bill Spink for his fight against Sharia Law. We should be living here with a one law for one and all, not some religious based hogwash dreamt up by some lunatic who was nothing more than a highway robber of desert caravans.

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