Oh Bob, You Are Such A Waste Of Taxpayers’ Money…

IT SEEMS THAT, with the withdrawal of his Communications Allowance, Bob Spink, our local MP, has now turned to his friends at the Echo to promote his particular brand of politics between now and the forthcoming election.

In today’s online edition, residents are treated to a story concerning Bob’s presentation of yet another petition to Parliament. This time to object to the local Borough Council withdrawing funding from a dubious charity, calling itself Castle Point Social Car Scheme.

Bob, of course, is more interested in grabbing a quick headline than he is in fighting for just causes or examining publicly available facts – which is not, now I come to think of it, unlike his friends at the Echo.

Readers can only guess at the amount of taxpayers’ money involved in organising a petition; circulating it to obtain sufficient signatures to create a local headline; presenting it to the house; preparing a press release and then emailing or faxing it to the Echo to ensure it meets their deadline. But the amount cannot be insignificant.

Of course, residents might think that a petition such as this would be best presented to Castle Point Borough Council (since this was the source of the cut funds). But there is no headline to be achieved from that. Just as there would be no headline were the reason behind the cuts made known.

Bob may be used to keeping his own funding, despite not publishing his detailed expenses or being accountable to anyone but himself; but the fact is that Castle Point Borough Council is much more responsible when it comes to the public purse.

Courtesy of the Echo, Bob has today made headlines by obtaining 100 signatures with which to petition parliament to persuade Castle Point Borough Council to continue funding a ‘charitable’ organisation that has not filed accounts since 2006!

How much more of this do we have to take?..


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  1. How much is this man going to cost us? £158,000 on questions in the house. £100,000 plus on early Day Motions – and the petitions, which are issued blank and filled in by the member of Parliament to get the best image for himself ..

    GO MAN, GO .

    • It is an interesting ‘Balance Sheet’ when you draw it up isn’t it, Bill? We will probably never know just how much the man has fradulently claimed in expenses; but it is evident that his ‘representation’ of Castle Point residents has cost the taxpayer several hundred-thousands of pounds since your national party withdrew its whip. And it appears that all his legitimate costs have been spent promoting his personal campaign against you and the local Conservative Party for withdrawing its support. (Not to mention his use of taxpayers’ money to fund his personal legal actions during the period with an identical purpose).

      On the credit side of his ‘Balance Sheet’ (his contribution to the community) the column appears conspicuously blank.

      Spink has used his position to squander several hundred-thousands of pounds from the public purse promoting and maintaining his tarnished image that he might be re-elected and continue the lavish lifestyle provided to him by the taxpayer.

      There is something very wrong with a political system that enables local parties to discipline their errant representatives; but provides no recourse to constituents when that MP is an independent with no party whip to answer to…

  2. The answer appears to be “a lot more”.


    Those Press Releases are coming fast and furious now…………….

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