Dave Blackwell: ‘Surely they can dip into it for something of this importance’

THE QUOTE is from the Echo, contained in its report concerning security fencing around the island’s King George V playing fields, which are proving to be a gathering point for local yobbish behaviour.

Apparently, Castle Point Borough Council is having some problems trying to find appropriate funding.

The Echo reports that the fencing will cost £60,000 to erect, and some £20,000 each year to employ security guards to open and close them.

Blackwell is also reported as saying: ‘Every year they [the Borough Council] under-spend on services. Well, it’s about time they put their hand in their pocket and got something done.’

That’s a bit rich isn’t it, Dave?..

According to the Town Council’s Audited Accounts, it had reserves of £192,154 at 31 March 2008 and, according to its 2009 Budget, planned to under-spend by over 35% of its income (some £99,508) which, by my calculations, currently gives it £291,662 in reserve. Furthermore, its budgeted intent is to under-spend by another £59,362 this year.

But the Town Council cannot afford to help residents out? Or contribute to the fence’s erection? Or help with its maintenance costs?

Has it not occurred to Town Councillors that ‘something of this importance’ could easily be met from their own funds – and maintained out of their annual precept?

What are you not telling us, Dave? Are these reserves earmarked for more trees, plaques and planters?..

Shame on you!

… (26/01/2010) – Canvey Island Town Council Meeting

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  1. Just another example of mis-management from the Independent leadership of the Town Council. It is far easier to pose for downbeat photos in the Echo blaming Castle Point Council for the ills of the Island rather than spending Islanders money that is sitting unused in the Town Council coffers!

  2. I have never known a more inactive Town Council, nor for that matter a more inactive party than the shambling CIIP that seems intent on sitting on its backside and criticising others rather than looking at their own failings or making any serious attempt to better the lives of islanders.

    What other town council can claim, in just two years, to have under-spent by more than its annual precept?

    Shame on them and shame on us for having elected them!

    The Canvey Island Idiot Party is an absolute disgrace!

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