Canvey Island Town Council Meeting

IT APPEARS that Canvey Island’s Town Council has a lot to discuss at its meeting of the Environment and Open Spaces Committee to be held at the Paddocks Community Centre in Long Road on Monday, 2nd February. (They are only devoting 10 minutes to its public forum in which residents can raise matters of concern).

The agenda does not mention the important matter of security fencing around the island’s King George V playing fields; but time will be devoted to considering alternative locations for six additional planters and purchasing nine additional signs for the new lamp columns in the Town Centre.

Other items on the agenda are: to consider supporting projects with working groups; to consider actions required for surveying paths; and to consider commencing the consultation process regarding dog-fouling.

The meeting commences at 7.30pm; but residents wishing to attend should check the above details with the town clerk before attending. The letter to councillors requested their attendance on Monday, 2nd February; but February 2nd is a Tuesday…

They probably mean Monday, February 1st – or Tuesday February 2nd.

I will update this piece when the actual date is confirmed…

… which, I am told, is in fact: Monday, February 1st.

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  1. The fact that the Town Council does not know what date it is does not surprise me one bit

  2. The Town Council is merely a vehicle to provide positive promotion for the Canvey Independent Councillors. It suits them for a low turnout at meetings as their ineffective performance would be scrutinised by the public.

    They have hijacked a great idea by Len Barge and ruined it by using the Town Council as a political tool.

    • Im not sure I’d agree ‘political tool’ Colin unless you mean constant opposition to anything proposed by the Borough or Essex County Council – no matter what the benefits to islanders might be.

      As I see it they have no agenda and no vision for the island at all.

      They do nothing but moan about others, whilst sitting on a quarter of a million pounds in resident’s money that they apparently don’t know what to do with.

      How about spending some of it on community youth projects to combat some of the worst anti-social behaviour on the island rather than calling for security fencing and moaning about the Borough Council’s lack of support for the idea.

      This Town Council just dont DO anything to improve the local community and proposing to put up a security fence as if that will solve the problem just indicates the extent of their minds.

      Politically they have erected a security fence around the whole island to keep any form of progress away. in fact I don’t think any of them have any idea of what life is like anywhere off the island apart from the Council Offices in Benfleet.

      The community would be much better served by having a proper Parish Council populated by its religious leaders and prominent local businessmen. Then the community’s needs would be put first.

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