‘The Tories Are Killing Home-Owning Ambitions’

(Julian Ware-Lane) – THE TORY THREAT to scrap the Government’s housing targets is a double kick in the teeth for the community of Castle Point. This odious promise was made by Caroline Spellman on her recent visit to the constituency.

Not only does this charter for NIMBYism not protect the greenbelt, it positively threatens it through this local Tory council’s obstinate refusal to explore alternative solutions. We must be clear that the decision to build on greenbelt on Canvey and in Daws Heath is very much a local Conservative decision and not the Government’s.

With something like two million extra homes required at present I am not sure where the Tories think these people are supposed to live. The millionaire friends of the Conservative Party will always be able to buy; the hoi polloi will have to put up with their children staying at home for longer than ever, or face them moving some distance away.

Using the council housing waiting list as evidence is laughable. The 1500 currently on the list are those in desperate need; most do not go on the list as it is a pointless exercise. All those seeking starter homes in Castle Point will have to accept disappointment and practice extreme patience.

As for those who work in construction, well, perhaps Caroline Spellman can suggest alternative avenues of employment. Bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, joiners, painters and decorators, etc, and all the businesses who serve the industry will not welcome this decision. No home-building means no work for them.

No building means no new homes, and less employment – a far from fine promise for the future.

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  1. Julian makes a valid point. Castle point is in desperate need of affordable housing but it could be argued that the reason its provision is in such a mess locally is because of Labour imposed targets which effectively threw a spanner in the works of local councils to address their local needs. And what didnt help anyone here was the trenchant opposition from CIIP councillors who made no attempt to put the community’s needs first.

    All the imposed target have done is to put back local planning by around 5 years but it has served to show that, perhaps not in my lifetime, but certainly in the next generation’s the further housing we need will have to extend into the greenbelt.

    We can thank Labour’s immigration policy for that.

    To think that trading estates might be moved elsewhere to accomodate more housing is living in cloud cuckoo land given the state of the UK’s finances and would only move local jobs out of the area and make commuting more expensive for no increase in wages. The idea is a complete non-starter.

    Unfortunately returning a Conservative government and dispensing with those crazy targets is only part of the local problem. We also need to rid ourselves of the Canvey idiot party members who are incapable of examining local problems and solving them in a logical civilised way.

    Personally I still think we should build in the Dutch village and enhance that local community’s atmousphere by establishing a hall and youth club.

    First and second Avenue areas are a tinderbox that, if you really want to retain the green area, should be demolished and rebuilt along with its community

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