No Congratulations Are Warranted

TODAY I RECEIVED a number of emails congratulating me for my persistence over the Spink expenses affair and expressing some satisfaction that, at least, Legg had ensured the money had been paid back.

The emails were in response to a report by the House Of Commons Members’ Estimate Committee (composed of a number of serious expense ‘over-claimants’), which detailed MP repayments concerning their ACA claims.

Among them were these details for Spink:-

Dr Spink was paid £2,051.38 twice for service/maintenance charges in January – June 2008.
Total repayment recommended: £2,051.38
Total repayments received since 1 April 2009: £2,401.88

Unfortunately, these repayments have nothing to do with Spink’s fraudulent claims regarding his office expenses, exposed on this blog, which Spink continues to ignore.

The nearest I can get to his position on the matter is that his over-claims are irrelevant – since there are many other things that he pays for and, although fully entitled to, he does not always claim.

To date he has never provided any details of these ‘other things’ and refuses to speak about the matter.

So no congratulations are in order. The Spink expenses affair is still unresolved – and that page will not go away.

There is still the other small matter of his most recent expenses – and we still await the publication of his office expenses for this year.

It is obviously in Spink’s own interest to confuse these two separate amounts in voters’ minds. The £2,401.88 that he has been forced to repay and the £2,425.86 that remains outstanding from his office claims.

Spink would like you to believe that the issue has been resolved – and his smokescreen does seem to have caught-out my generous correspondents this morning.

But don’t be taken in…


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  1. I may have been one of those who thought he had been proven to be a liar, a cheat, a thief and a hypocrite; but I accept the understanding of the matter by an Investigative journalist of your stature.

    I therefore accept that I cannot say the opinion I hold is publicly proven; I can however say that I am not the only one holding the opinion.

    • :-)

      This is not the first time I have used the word ‘fradulent’ either, Bill.

      But it does not look as though he is about to take the bait…

      I couldn’t help wishing though, earlier today, that he might share the same possible fate as that Yorkshire pheasant.

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