Bob Reminds The Echo That They Have Not Published Details Of His ‘Listening Panel’ Event On Friday 5th March

BOB SPINK, our local MP, has, it seems, decided upon adopting a strong local business position for this year’s general election campaign.

His latest press release ‘calls on local people to support local businesses’ and provides a considered analysis of the benefits from doing so.

Bob outlines some of the practical areas residents can help achieve this:-

  • Shopping for food at local grocers and convenience stores
  • Using local tradesmen, plumbers, electricians, heating engineers and gardeners
  • Purchasing shoes and clothes from independent and second hand retailers
  • Buying cars and white goods locally

(Bob does not say if he actually buys from ‘second-hand retailers;’ but the evidence suggests he does not.)

And there are wider benefits as well, Bob says:-

  • Exercise and keep fit by walking to the shops
  • Meet neighbours and friends and have a chat
  • Costs you less, given the price of petrol
  • Saves the environment
  • Builds a stronger community for vulnerable and elderly people

(Is it the word ‘patronise’ you are searching for, Bob?).

And Bob’s press release goes on to claim that Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, supports his ideas.

Bob quotes the LibDem Leader as saying:-

‘Thriving high streets are at the heart of local communities.

‘But it has been our high streets that have borne the brunt of this recession, with boarded up shops scarring towns and villages across Britain…’

Strong support indeed. (And it is just like the LibDems to take their leader’s comments regarding Bob’s ideas completely out of context and claim they were made at the launch of their Party’s plans to revitalise British High Streets, on Friday. Shame on them!).

But Bob is determined to get his message across (and fish for more campaign ideas) by reiterating the contents of his previous press release concerning a local ‘Listening Panel.’

Apparently annoyed at the lack of any mention in the Echo, Bob takes the trouble to copy and paste all its details to them again:-

Independent MP Bob Spink’s ‘Listening Panel’ will be held on

Friday 5th March at 7.30pm

At his Constituency Office Meeting Room

At 75 Downer Road Benfleet SS7 1BQ

On the junction of Bowers and Downer Road in the unmade section of Downer Road

Bob wants to hear the views of businesses, residents and councillors

Bob says:

“I’ve had small businesses; I understand their difficulties and am fighting for them. They get a poor deal from local and national government.

Independent retailers are particularly hard hit by changes to the high street, planning rules and the recession.

I want to hear what I can do to help and what message I can take back to the Government of whatever colour.

As an Independent MP, I’m free to do what is right for you rather than the party whip.

Most local retail spending takes place outside our borough. This is bad for our local economy and bad for our environment. I want more friendly policies from the Government and local councils to change this.

I have been campaigning for years for:

  • Lower rates
  • Fairer small business rate relief system
  • Removal of some car parking charges (Tories, in part accepted my demand on this one)
  • Careful planning to stop unfair high street competition
  • Rejection of new out of town supermarkets, higher rates for existing ones
  • A secure post office network
  • More attractive and regeneration of local shopping areas
  • Better public toilets and other facilities
  • Improvements to trading/industrial estates like Manor, Rayleigh Weir and Charfleets

We must fight for our communities and that means supporting our local businesses.”

Let us hope that Bob’s extra efforts, to ensure that all local ‘businesses, residents and councillors’ attend his ‘Listening Panel,’ are suitably rewarded…

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  1. Nick Clegg supports HIS ideas! (Just like a previous release in which he claimed similar about Norman Tebbit).

    The man’s corruption is sickeningly palpable.

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