Former Canvey Soldier Wins Her Case

(BBC) – A FORMER SOLDIER who claimed she suffered psychiatric injury because of harassment by male colleagues has won £6,983 in damages at the High Court.

Donna Rayment, 42, of Essex, had rejected a pre-trial offer of £60,000 damages and £125,000 costs from the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Ms Rayment said she would give the whole award to charity – including the Help for Heroes organisation.

A ruling later will decide who is liable for legal costs.

A judge accepted Ms Rayment, of Rose Road, Canvey Island, had been sexually harassed while serving in the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC).

Ms Rayment, a single mother who reached the rank of lance sergeant, claimed she developed adjustment disorder and depression because of her treatment, and sought damages for her lost employment as the commanding officer’s driver.

But the judge said her treatment had put her back only by about nine months.

Mrs Justice Nicola Davies accepted that the HAC’s then Adjutant, Major Paul McCaffrey, tried to use an innocent administrative error to rid the regiment of Ms Rayment, who he viewed as a “troublesome and challenging” soldier.

Ruling that Ms Rayment had been the victim of “oppressive and unacceptable” behaviour, the judge said her comrades’ insistence on decorating the walls of a room where she worked with “offensive” photos of naked women amounted to sexual harassment.

The actions of Major McCaffrey, along with a written warning and her final discharge from the regiment in June 2005, were all “unwarranted, unfair and wrong”, the judge added.

Only after she delivered her ruling was Mrs Justice Davies told that Ms Rayment had turned down the out-of-court settlement.

Wendy Outhwaite QC, for the MoD, which denied negligence and harassment, demanded that Ms Rayment should pay the lion’s share of the legal costs for “exaggerating” her claim.

Arguing that each side should pay its own legal bill, Ms Outhwaite said that out of 21 allegations of negligence and 42 of harassment, Ms Rayment had succeeded on only four matters.

However, Andrew Hogarth QC, for Ms Rayment, denied there had been any such exaggeration and emphasised that harassment had been proved.

Ms Rayment, he said, had faced “serious and very nasty allegations in court”, which turned out to be “completely unjustified”.

He also described the MoD’s defence of the case as “very aggressive”.

After the ruling, Ms Rayment said: “I’ve never done it for money, I’ve always done it for the justice side.”

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  1. I wonder if she had won the alleged £400,000 she would have, altruistically, given the award to charity?

  2. Yes as my daughters has special needs and i do voluntary work for adults with special needs. Do you do voulunatry work or help others who have special needs ???


    Donna Rayment

  3. Well I hope you’re on a no win no fee arrangement co’s it’s going to cost you.

    • The MOD/Army have had my complaints since 2004 they have done everything in there power not to investigate my complaints, even asking me to rewrite my complaints.

      Many people have forgotten the terrible crimes at deepcut!

      i still have the service inquiry this year which has to explain why the Military Police where not permitted to investigate my complaints

      i would like to point out that i have been working on my case since 2004, i have much information via the data protection act from within the Army that proves my case. Including emails from SIB which is similar to CID which state that crimes have been comitted but the powers that be in whitehall have stopped the SIB investigating.

      With reference the Porn pictures these where real photos of women including a 14 year old girl in underwear in a sexual positon who ever took this photo (regt photographer at HAC) should now be on the sex offenders register, but the MOD have refused a investigation there is much more to my story much of which hasnt been reported.

      However my case has far from finished

      Donna Rayment

  4. The piece was headlined ‘… WINS Her Case,’ readers.

    And Donna, please be careful that what you say here does not prejudice your further action.

  5. Thankyou for you concern, what i have said here is general knowledge within the MOD/Army even Des Browne was made aware of what was going on yet nothing was done.

    the service inquiry hopefully will be soon it will be interesting to see how the Army react now. i shall make it known what the outcome is as it comes under public interest


    Donna Rayment

  6. It is about time that some one has got the BALLS to have a go at the Army, The cash is going towards the Help for Hereo’s so it was not done for Profit. The officers are Obviously inbreds as when I did my bit back in the 60’s. It is like a club for silly boys. Bullying is still rife as we see far too often these days.

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