Oh, My Giddy Aunt! Bob Organises ‘Flood Warnings’ For Canvey

IT IS 1:30am in the morning. I have had a very hard day, and need to get-up early this morning; but I am compelled to report Spink’s latest press release in his re-election campaign.

Ray Howard, please forgive me; but I just report Spink’s claims. (Island residents will already be aware of the hard work and dedication made by Ray, over many years, to ensure Canvey has adequate sea defences and warnings).

Spink’s Website has this to say:-

Thanks to Bob Spink’s Stop Canvey Flooding campaign and Parliamentary work on flood prevention, many homes and businesses at risk of flooding on Canvey Island will automatically receive flood warnings from the Environment Agency from the end of February. This is a free service.

The residents and businesses concerned will receive a letter from the Environment Agency next week (commencing 22 February) explaining how the service will operate and what they should do. Anyone receiving the letter may choose to opt-out by telephoning the number on the literature. This letter will not be sent out to people already signed up to the full Floodline Warnings service.

Bob said, “This is a great step towards protecting more Canvey residents from flooding. Better flood warnings will help them to protect themselves against future floods”.

‘Protect residents from flooding’?

How does a bloody warning do that?..

Incidentally, for those residents concerned with any severe weather warnings (including floods) the best source of information is the Met. Office RSS Feed.

And a very good night to you all!


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  1. I have to say Ted. 1.30 am and reading something from Spink makes you nearly as sad as me.

    But then to write a coherent review of his ramblings deserves massive credit. . Well done Now go to sleep!

    He will without doubt write more manic descriptions of his superhero efforts to Save the Island – and you must be ready to Counter his lunacy.

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