Spink Spam: A Castle Point Phenomenon

BEFORE THIS BLOG BECOMES OVER-RUN by spurious comments, containing pornographic links, to a wide variety of its articles (its spam-count has increased by over 900% this week) or is finally brought to its knees by amateurish denial of service attacks of the type that some readers may have experienced yesterday, I am going to bring residents’ attention to just how warped and infuriatingly misleading Spink’s messages, to his email list, are.

For consistency’s sake I will choose one from the 12th February in which he builds upon the Echo’s promotion of his ‘Save Our Pool Campaign.’

Readers of this blog will already be aware of the true facts, which are not reflected in his email – and I am not going to waste my time pointing them out here again.

This is what he wrote, adopting a style of lunatic ravings, mixed with unattributed comments and ‘observations’ that one can easily find on the BNP’s Website. If Bob were a reporter: he would be immediately sacked:-

— On Fri, 12/2/10, SPINK, Robert <SPINKR@parliament.uk> wrote:From: SPINK, Robert <SPINKR@parliament.uk>Subject: Conservatives insult Canvey Island, Again p gTo: “SPINK, Robert” <SPINKR@parliament.uk>Date: Friday, 12 February, 2010, 16:02

More panic in the Tory ranks following Cllr Ray Howard’s principled and brave U-turn to back the Save Our Pool Campaign.  

Today’s visit to Canvey by the Tory Shadow Home Secretary’s* has angered residents in the Avenues who are said to be ‘hopping mad’ because the Council spent two days sprucing up the area just for him, when local people are usually ‘up to their necks in rubbish’ because mainland councillors don’t seem to care.

      People feel the Tories are yet again blighting Canvey, inferring it is an anti social behaviour hot spot.  People are still smarting from Tory Lord Hanningfield’s comments that Canvey is not fit for tourism.

The Tory parliamentary candidate, who backed her Tory colleagues’ decision to destroy Canvey’s Sea front tidal pool, has surprisingly changed her mind, with an election in the air.   She is said to now be in talks with the Council to stop demolition until after the election.

Why is the council, which point blank refused to attend Bob’s pubic meeting to help ‘Save Our Pool’, suddenly talking to a candidate rather than to people’s elected representatives, has the council now become openly politicised?  


I am not going to make any further comment, other than to point-out how this odious man, whom has never once visited, nor tried to address, the social problems in Canvey’s Avenues, during all his years in parliament representing the area, here uses those residents’ plight in the most devious and cynical of manners to attempt a political swipe at the duly elected Borough Council and his Conservative opponent.

This rounds the week’s theme off nicely, ending-up where my previous piece began.

Bob Spink has no Respect…

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