How British Democracy Speaks With A Single Voice

Bandwagon Bob

BOB SPINK, our local MP, was determined to represent Canvey Island residents in the house again yesterday – in the way that only Bob Spink can.

He had to wait until 10:30pm in order to do so; but it gave him the opportunity of speaking to a packed house that had just been intelligently debating how traditional and electronic petitions might be used as a means of engaging the electorate in the democratic process.

The following is taken directly from Hansard:-

Bob Spink (Castle Point) (Ind): Having just debated the importance of petitions, I am delighted to present- [ Interruption. ]

Mr. Speaker: Order. I do not wish to interrupt the hon. Gentleman. We have had a substantial and stimulating debate, but I appeal to Members who are leaving the Chamber and who, unaccountably, do not wish to listen to the hon. Member for Castle Point (Bob Spink) presenting his petition please to do so quickly and quietly.

Bob Spink: Thank you, Sir. I am delighted to present this massive new petition on Canvey Island’s war memorial. It was prepared by Mr. Rob Finch-a valiant Army veteran-the excellent and caring Canvey Royal British Legion and the war memorial committee. Castle Point people feel that the borough council has been arrogant and uncaring in its attitude to the removal of the original war memorial. These memorials are important. They do not belong to remote Tory councillors; they belong to the people-in this case, the people of Canvey Island. This and other Canvey matters should be dealt with on Canvey Island by excellent Canvey councillors.

The petition states:-

To the House of Commons: The Petition of Mr. Finch, the Canvey War Memorial Committee and other residents of Castle Point,

Declares that they object to Castle Point Borough Council’s management of the Canvey Island War Memorial Fund, donated by residents for the refurbishment of the Canvey War Memorial; further objects to the Council’s handling of the refurbishment planning and process including their refusal to act on the advice of the Canvey War Memorial Committee.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons:-

Urges the Government to press Castle Point Borough Council, and all Councillors, to hand control of the Canvey War Memorial Fund and refurbishment of the memorial to the Canvey War Memorial Committee.

And the Petitioners remain, etc.

But Bob was speaking to himself…

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