Council To Go-Ahead With Concord Pool Demolition

IN AN UPDATE on the council’s website today, Castle Point Borough Council confirmed its intentions of demolishing the old Concord Pool on Canvey’s seafront:-

The [Overview and Scrutiny] Committee on Wednesday re-examined a Cabinet decision to agree to the demolition of the Old Sea Water Paddling Pool at Concord Beach, Canvey Island as part of the improvement programme [to overhaul and upgrade leisure facilities in the Borough].

Councillors dismissed claims that Cabinet had not considered the impact on seafront traders and tourism and that the pool provided a safe alternative to swimming in the sea.

A Council review of the Borough’s leisure facilities found that the 1930s built Old Sea Water Paddling Pool would require council spending of £96,000 on repairs and maintenance in order to make it safe for public use.

It found that the facility had suffered severe tidal damage and that there was a risk to the public from old debris at the site and recommended that for safety reasons it should be demolished and replaced by a new beach area.

In providing the two reports upon which its decision was based, it is clear the council had no choice in the matter…

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  1. These reports make interesting reading don’t they Ted? Especially considering the time they have been available to council members and the obvious decision they lead to.

    So can we assume that the CIIP have long been aware of their contents and simply sat on their backsides waiting for the day when a decision is finally made and together with their friend Bob can launch yet another protest?

    The other point to note is that the CIIP, and Bob, were perfectly aware of the possible Coastwath solution that Rebecca identified last week. But at no time have they pointed it out or pursued it. instead they have allowed matters to reach crisis point and then organise, with their friend Bob and the local Echo, more protests against the tory council.

    Just more of the same from CIIP memebers who are incapable of providing viable alternatives but ever ready to mobilise their not over my dead body supporters for their odious political games.

    • There is a certain type of politician, Cynical, who is not concerned with listening to constituents or representing them. That type of politician is just concerned with retaining a luxurious taxpayer-funded lifestyle and manipulating local opinion to achieve that end.

      Canvey Island has dealt itself a hand of those politicians in spades.

  2. Although this press release was issued today, the meeting it refers to took place, I believe, on 3 February, not last Wednesday as it implies – according to a lady at the Council. The discussions with the Town Council continue….

  3. No matter how long it may have been known this Rod of Iron type Cabinet system does not even allow anyone to question nor debate what they put in their little bits of paper – back slapping each other.
    Now we have Rebecca jumping on the band wagon – Vote snatching Yes – and the Cynics here say that it is the Indies who are at fault, I think not – Canvey people are not as daft as you like to make us out to be. We know that the Mainland treats us like dirt and the Indies, well they do their best for normal people and yes, I think even some Tories are normal too!

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