Ministers And Shadow Ministers Renounce MPs’ Pay Rise – But Bob Has Yet To Comment

MPS QUEUED UP to renounce a pay rise worth almost £1,000 today; but Bob Spink, our local MP, has yet to announce where he stands on the issue.

John Bercow, the Commons Speaker, said he would not take the money because it would be “extremely inappropriate” to accept a 1.5% rise, due to kick in next month, in the aftermath of the expenses debacle.

Downing Street also made it clear that ministers would not take the extra money following a recommendation by the Senior Salaries Review Body.

The Conservatives made the same pledge.

Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, and his Treasury spokesman, Vincent Cable, are also understood to be planning to forego the rise.

The 1.5% increase – revealed by the Guardian yesterday – is arrived at by identifying the median of the pay increases received by 15 groups of public sector workers for 2009, and will see MPs’ basic pay rise from £64,766 to £65,737.

Downing Street said ministers had also agreed to freeze their own pay.

A spokeswoman said: “The prime minister is clear that we need to strengthen public confidence in the political system and reduce the cost of politics. That is why paid government ministers will not be accepting the pay rise in MP salaries generated by the annual formula and based on the average pay award across the public sector in the previous year.”

Members of the Conservative party who receive ministerial salaries will have both the ministerial and MP elements of their salaries frozen, according to a Tory spokeswoman.

“If we win the election and form the next government, incoming ministers will inherit the ministerial salaries that the government is setting today – including the MP element. We will then immediately cut them by 5%, and freeze them for a further five years,” she said.

Bob will no doubt inform residents of his own intentions when he holds his ‘Listening Panel,’ tonight, at 7:30pm.

… (Reuters, 09/03/2010) – Voters seek revenge over expenses scandal

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  1. Spink refuse a pay rise? After he has been pressing for a substantial pay rise for years? i doubt that Ted. But then again it may be the sound bite he needs for the Echo’s coverage of his meeting in tomorrows edition.

    He will need to find something to say to all those empty seats…………………………..

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