Does The Arrival Of Spring Mark A Turning Point?

I CANNOT HELP NOTICING that, so far this month, The Echo has refrained from providing unlimited coverage of Spink. Although his comments on local issues have been sought, readers have apparently been spared the MP’s Press Releases. And despite our Bob reminding the paper of his ‘Listening Panel,’ which took place last night, I can find no mention of this important event in their online pages.

Bob has been ‘getting serious about diabetes’ and meeting blind campaigners recently; but The Echo has not mentioned this at all. Neither did they promote his invitation to residents to attend the Armed Forces Day celebration that, his press release states, he is holding again this year.

Things have not gone well for Bob, on the self promotion front, this month. The ElectionBook website, which was due to launch on 1st March, has achieved nothing more than a damp fizz, with only four members to date. Moreover, it appears that the latest island protest group, regarding Canvey’s Concord pool, no longer has Spink at its head.

Also this week, uncharacteristically, The Echo produced a balanced piece regarding Dave Blackwell’s attack on the Council Tax; even reporting Jeff Stanley as retorting: “It’s rich of the Independent Party to criticise us when only two of their members turned up to the meeting to discuss the council tax.”

I had hoped that the arrival of Spring would allow me to load my car’s boot with my photographic equipment; lower the roof; and drive aimlessly through the Essex countryside seeking some seasonal stock. But instead the weather indicated I should delay my plans and, as if on cue, my attention was again directed to Spink. I was forced to point-out that, despite his claim, Bob Spink is not an Armed Services Veteran; that while other MPs have renounced this week’s pay rise, Spink remains uncharacteristically silent; and that, as opposed to representing constituents, the man appears obsessed with producing written questions and pursuing the amount of bottled water purchased by various government departments.

It  was not easy writing the latter piece – in which the story is entirely absurd.

This blog is now into its eleventh month, and I am tired of writing about our local MP and correcting his blatant… err… ‘spin.’

Does the arrival of Spring mark the time when I can finally turn my attention to reporting community matters?..

… (08/03/2010) – Echo takes just two days to prove me wrong… :-(

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